Who is this Murphy?

Posted on March 22, 2015 in #FireWifeLife, #FireWifeWisdom
Murphy's Law

“If anything can go wrong it will”, that is Murphy’s law and was supposedly originated around the War World II era. It is not known if Murphy was even an actual real person, though if it was their haunts are abound. For the FireWife Murphy shows up on shift days and especially on overtime. Nothing that is right will remain right while the FireFighter is away yet will remain broke until the FireWife fixes it. That’s how it is in the Prudent Wisdom house anyways.

Murphy doesn’t really “show up” at our house on shift days but he does like to stalk the place. I am often able to see him coming, being I have learned to ALWAYS expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst.

That may be the secret to his absence?

Murphy will only come around as long as you let him. Almost like a stray cat the more you feed him the longer he will stay. He can even be like a nosy raccoon, so be sure you tie your trash up tight and keep the lid on the can!

However Murphy is only what you make of it. If you get your hopes up for something to go a certain way and are always disappointed then Murphy might be your worst nightmare. Though if you prepare for the worst and flow with the best as it happens you won’t know anything about Murphy. Which is why I like fixing things before my hubs gets home from his shift.

Now if you are well aware of Murphy’s existence there are some ways to get rid of Murphy once and for all. Val over at The Wife Behind the Fire gives you a few pointers. Though the #1 thing to remember…..

It’s not what happens it’s how you react to what happens!!


I Myself LOVE to laugh at Murphy! Sometimes he’s the funniest thing ever. Then sometimes I laugh so hard I cry, but I never give him credit for any of it. Though you may catch me from time to time screaming his name and if there were a middle name I would be all over it like the mother hen I am, but never do I say Murphy did this. Because then he might want to stay and do something else.

How well do you know Murphy?

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