Hand of Fate Book Review

Hand of Fate
A Triple Threat Novel
by Lis Whiel and April Henry
This novel is one of the most fascinating novels ever read. One that can not be put down till the entirety is read. With so much suspense and thriller, along with the most blinding twist imagined, you will feel like you will miss something if you close the book. I have to watch myself on this review because I don’t want to give too much away.
A very controversial radio talk show host is murdered and because of his strong reviews on such subjects his popularity is not all that amazing, therefore the suspect list is quite long. His murder is not one of an open and close case either, being that the murder weapon is gas vapors from a package that he opens. Tracing such path is a whole lot of foot work, yet as his life unfolds before the readers eyes the plot becomes more suspenseful. I myself am usually good at these things but I never saw this coming.
The authors have definitely written this one well and I will now have my eyes peeled for more books from them. I strongly recommend if you are a thrill reader into mystery and murder this one is a must for you. I am not usually one to read such fiction but I am glad I read this one and will be open to more.
A complimentary copy of this book was sent to me from Thomas Nelson for review

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