Compromise vs Allowance

allowance jar

When it comes to parenting , the one thing I totally disagree with is allowance. I personally do not feel it necessary to pay my children to do their chores. Yes I DO feel it necessary to make a chore list and enforce it but, paying them?

I can hire a maid for that!

However though I may not have this parenting thing down just yet I do have the art of compromising on my list of my achievements. And being my children are begging for an allowance (so they can have their “own” money) I have come up with a compromise….

Let me explain a few things first;

  1. I am a yeller. I don’t like yelling at my kids but when I become so frustrated, to the point my blood boils I explode. Though I am NOT a bully, I don’t be little my children when I yell I just confirm they get my point!
  2. I have a child that hasn’t quite master personal hygiene just yet. I have learned that I am not the only one that deals with this. Something to do with teenagers? However this battle began long before he became a teenager, therefore, I have been pulling at straws for a looooooooong time.
  3. We have a dog! and a lizard. A dog, and a lizard, I NEVER intended to get, yet a dog that I absolutely love and could not imagine our lives without. However I have to stick to my words when I said “your pet, your responsibility” I need to affirm I meant that.
  4. My older 2 have trouble getting along. Now I am certain this is normal being my brother and I were the same way, but it really gets annoying when they can’t go an hour without saying harsh things to one another.

With these things pointed here are our list of chores;

  • Feed/water dog
  • Feed/water lizard
  • Clean up dog poop in yard
  • Clean out lizard cage
  • Brush teeth
  • Unload/load dishwasher
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep floors
  • Take out trash
  • Keep bathroom clean
  • Keep bedroom clean
  • Put up clean clothes
  • Keep yard clean, including patio

Despite a few of the pet chores they mostly have the same list.


Because it is about team work

As I pointed out my older boyz have a problem getting along, therefore I am going to use every opportunity I can to help them “encourage” each other rather than offend.

It’s about responsibility

As I pointed out earlier, I NEVER intended on getting a dog nor a lizard, however though we rescued our dog……I think he really rescued us. And teaching my boyz to care for something/someone they love will in turn teach them to love themselves by gratification

allowance jarIt’s about compromise

I am TELLING YOU the battle of teeth brushing began long before the battle of Jerico (that’s the only thing that sounded right, lol). So when it came to pulling straws I was about to run out until I finally pulled the right one!

Here’s the low down;

I have put $20 worth of quarters into a pretty decorated “jar” and this is their allowance….as long as they EARN it.

  • If you are told to brush your teeth, AGAIN, you will loose a quarter….each time!
  • If the lizard cage starts to stink, you will loose a quarter each day it is not cleaned.
  • If you are reminded to feed the dog, you loose a quarter.
  • If someone steps in dog poop, you loose a quarter.
  • If your chores are not done daily, you loose a quarter…..for each chore not done.

At the end of the week

We will count how many quarters are left, then it will be split between the 2. However they are only allowed to spend half of it, the other half they must save.

I know this may sound harsh but it has in fact worked for the past several months, my hubs and I are quite pleased with the out come. So much so that we have added a twist, we have also given them the opportunity to earn more;

  • If you did not loose any quarters for the week, we (the parents) will match your earnings
  • If you do extra, you will earn extra
  • If you maintain good grades, you will earn extra (though we will not take away)

It is AMAZING for me to see how much this intensive has changed the way my house hold works. We have also implemented a schedule so that we are all on the same page at the same time, though this sometimes doesn’t stick when FF is home, yet (knock on wood) it hasn’t back fired either.

What are your thoughts on allowances? Do your children have one? What about chores? What kind of intensives do you use, if any??


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