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Posted on March 22, 2014 in Blog Hops, Blog Party

In case you are unaware bloggers LOVE COMMENTS  from their readers.

And guess what?



Yep you guessed it, I LOVE COMMENTS


Do you see the questions that I ask at the end of my articles;

I shake it to well mix before each use and apply to my entire face with a cotton ball. I use mine before I go to bed at night, without any moisturizer. In the morning I rinse and then apply moisturizer, which I will share with you later.

WOW I feel like a modern day Mary Kay! HaHa!!

So what is your astringent/toner?

I really want to know your answer, in fact I would love to know exactly what you are thinking wile you read my articles.

Now that I just typed all of that I am officially a hypocrite!


Because I don’t comment on the blogs I read.

My Favorite Blogs I have subscribed to and read through my email while others I check on BlogLovin. These are the easiest way s for me to keep up with those whom fascinate me. (not that I am a fascination person, no pun intended) However most of the time I read their articles I am doing so on my iPhone, therefore, commenting is more complicated than I’d like.

I have yet to find a service that doesn’t carry me out of my existing one to their link where I have to scroll down (through the article AGAIN) to the bottom where I may or may not have to sign into another account in order to say “Hi I agree/disagree with what you wrote”

Ok just typing all of that wore me out!

Is this your excuse too?

If it is I will go ahead and cut you some slack! However you are not getting away that easy!…….neither am I…….

HOUSEI have actually signed up and joined a “comment fest” with Shelby Media (the master mind behind WBF) On Tuesday March 25th I am going to post an epic article on……..something Mom related? Because that is what I am good at right? Being a mom?

Yes I am struggling and may need your help on what to write about…..

Anyways this will be one post that I am going to specifically ask you to comment on. If you never comment on another one of my articles again,  I will forgive you as long as you comment on this one.

Now this event is really to learn about NEW blogs and gain NEW readers but I am taking it a step forward and turning it into a challenge. I don’t what you to just comment on my article I am challenging you AND MYSELF to comment on every blog that we read!

Our comments don’t have to be huge paragraphs, just a simple “hi I am a reader” will be sufficient enough!

So save the date (March 25th) and remember to comment Comment COMMENT!

Also if you yourself are a blogger and would like to join in on the crusade you can do so by clicking this link.

Remember bloggers <3 comments……will we see yours?


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  1. ReplyBusyMomma

    Thanks for the push Dana! There are a few topics of discussion you wrote in there. I need to make a note to come back and write up a blog post to cover them. One thing I've learned the most, if something is holding me up from participating on other sites then don't use it on my own. For example, you don't like having to log in to another program to comment on blogs. That's what you have set up here though. ;) I'm totally running off to write a post and answer some of the things you brought up! THANKS for the food for thought!

    • ReplyDana

      OK can't wait to see what you right about ;-) I feel like Disqus makes it easier but I have had a few readers tell me the have trouble commenting through their mobiles therefore I have debated changing it, but through my investigation I have found several other forms are the same way =0/

  2. ReplyMelissa

    I comment on a lot of blogs! I just more often don't hit the publish button. Several reasons for that. Mostly because I have a hard time writing my thoughts, I forget words I'm looking for, I can't get my point across in a couple of lines, I read back what I wrote and think, ahhhh that's stupid. Another one is follow up. I leave a comment and then forget to go back and see if they commented on my comment. Which is like just leaving someone hanging. "Hello? Hello? Are you there? Operator, I think we've been disconnected." Sometimes I also get "stage fright" thinking about all the people that's going to come along and read my comments, not just the person it was directed to, the blogger. It's weird, I know. I post at my own blog and that's okay, I am as I am, don't like me, don't read me. That gives people the choice. But when I go and post my thoughts and opinions in someone else's space, that doesn't really give them a choice but to have to hear it. And I wonder, what makes my thoughts or opinion important enough that I think others should or would want to hear them? Even if I'm not giving opinions, but saying like "Hey, great pics, cute kids!" I feel like they're thinking, "Um, thanks...but, who are you exactly?" Because we were never really introduced, you know, I just come out of no where and say something, like, I don't know, some random stranger. Kinda makes me feel creepy-ish or something. And, I'm not much of a talker anyway. More of a 'nod and smile'r. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say. If blogs had a "Like" button, that'd be great for people like me. (Now, did you really care to hear this whole All About Me lame-o dissertation on Your blog?)(I've erased and re-wrote it three times.)(Will I actually go through with pressing the Publish button?) (I never did answer the question you actually asked, about what you should post about on the 25th.) Well, I don't really have any suggestions, for a Mom post. My kids are grown and pretty much take care of their selves and do their thing mostly. I still try to give them advice, and sometimes they listen, but mostly they have to learn the hard way. (I will press the Publish button because I want to comment, and I don't want to erase and start over again to try and make this sound any better.)

    • ReplyDana

      OMW! Melissa your comment is my ultimate FAVORITE!! Thank you so much for posting and not hitting delete....again ;-) I am the EXACT same way, much like "it's not what you say but how you say it" Key strokes hardly ever "sound" how you want them to, so I often worry if my comment comes across in the correct format. I always click the button to email me when a follow up comment is posted (which I now see I don't have) because I don't want to miss out on what other people are thinking (am I the only one?) However my insecurity kicks when the author doesn't acknowledged my existence like you mentioned "Hello? Hello? Are you there?" That is why I try my best to reply to Every comment on my blog. So Melissa are you up for this challenge? We can do this together!

      • ReplyMelissa

        Yes, exactly. I *just* visited a blog, composed a reply - in my mind - and clicked off the page. I was trying to be funny, but afraid it wouldn't come across that way in writing. I try to remember to click the Notify me button on the blogs that have them, but usually I forget until right about as I'm clicking the Publish button. Derp. I will try to start doing better about commenting, though. Something. Even if it's not the most interesting comment in the world.

    • Replyval

      Melissa, many blogs have an option to click so you can be contacted with replies :) The owner can always delete it a comment you write if they don't like it. We love REAL comments! Even if they are against what we wrote. It means we got someone thinking!

  3. ReplyMegan

    I appreciated your comments today! Thanks girl!

    • ReplyDana

      I really enjoy "following" you, keep up the good work!

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