Comment Fest


In case you are unaware bloggers LOVE COMMENTS  from their readers.

And guess what?



Yep you guessed it, I LOVE COMMENTS


Do you see the questions that I ask at the end of my articles;

I shake it to well mix before each use and apply to my entire face with a cotton ball. I use mine before I go to bed at night, without any moisturizer. In the morning I rinse and then apply moisturizer, which I will share with you later.

WOW I feel like a modern day Mary Kay! HaHa!!

So what is your astringent/toner?

I really want to know your answer, in fact I would love to know exactly what you are thinking wile you read my articles.

Now that I just typed all of that I am officially a hypocrite!


Because I don’t comment on the blogs I read.

My Favorite Blogs I have subscribed to and read through my email while others I check on BlogLovin. These are the easiest way s for me to keep up with those whom fascinate me. (not that I am a fascination person, no pun intended) However most of the time I read their articles I am doing so on my iPhone, therefore, commenting is more complicated than I’d like.

I have yet to find a service that doesn’t carry me out of my existing one to their link where I have to scroll down (through the article AGAIN) to the bottom where I may or may not have to sign into another account in order to say “Hi I agree/disagree with what you wrote”

Ok just typing all of that wore me out!

Is this your excuse too?

If it is I will go ahead and cut you some slack! However you are not getting away that easy!…….neither am I…….

HOUSEI have actually signed up and joined a “comment fest” with Shelby Media (the master mind behind WBF) On Tuesday March 25th I am going to post an epic article on……..something Mom related? Because that is what I am good at right? Being a mom?

Yes I am struggling and may need your help on what to write about…..

Anyways this will be one post that I am going to specifically ask you to comment on. If you never comment on another one of my articles again,  I will forgive you as long as you comment on this one.

Now this event is really to learn about NEW blogs and gain NEW readers but I am taking it a step forward and turning it into a challenge. I don’t what you to just comment on my article I am challenging you AND MYSELF to comment on every blog that we read!

Our comments don’t have to be huge paragraphs, just a simple “hi I am a reader” will be sufficient enough!

So save the date (March 25th) and remember to comment Comment COMMENT!

Also if you yourself are a blogger and would like to join in on the crusade you can do so by clicking this link.

Remember bloggers <3 comments……will we see yours?


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