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How I Budget ~ With Out Envelopes

First off I LOVE Davey Ramsey and love just about everything he preaches when it comes to money. His grand “snow ball effect” is how we got out of credit card debt and paying cash for a used car has

Menu Planning is a MUST in Saving Money

So here is how to get started budgeting you grocery bill with out an adequate stash of coupons…. MENU PLANNING!!! See I told you saving money took discipline, especially with couponing. But seriously let me give you the run down on

When I Say I am Behind I Am being Nice to Myself

How depressing is that? This is just a little bit of a glimpse at what my depression did to my coupon stash. From starting over in my pantry to starting over in my clipping. I sat down to clear out my

How I Budget ~ Giving Every Dollar a Name

As appose to writing it all on paper, you have to go into great detail, by giving every dollar a name and when I say every I mean EVERY. Not just mortgage and utilities, go right down to the very last penny, even if

How I Budget ~ Putting It ALL On Paper

The first step is simple enough…..PUT IT ALL ON PAPER. Budget with every pay check. This often requires starting a new budget every time. Write down your estimated gross. For example; estimated gross = 1500 Then write down every bill

How I Budget

Now that I have showed you How I Save by using coupons, I am eager to show you How I Budget. Having 3 boys (4 including my hubs) it is hard to keep enough food in the house especially on

Better Than PayDay

saving money

Well I know that it has been WAY to long since I have posted about my personal grocery savings but I wanted to assure you that I am still saving and pinching my pennies, so much so that tonight I

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