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Basic-Shapes-for-Beginners-3D-Cover-Transparent-500x5761I am so excited to bring you this review Basic Shapes for Beginners. Heather, over at Golden Reflections Blog, is a long time fellow blogger. We met about this time last year and have been following each other ever since, I have watched her blog grow tremendously over the last 11months and am so proud of her with a tinny bit of jealousy.

I am not afraid to admit it!

Just recently she launched her very own e-book (PDF Download) Basic Shapes for Beginners. Out of pure excitement I wanted to support my fellow blogger on her new journey and was even more excited when she accepted my offer to do so. Not only did she give me a sneak peak for this review she also gave me one to giveaway to one lucky Prudent Wisdom reader.

YAHOO!! Another giveaway!!

I could get use to this!

Heather is an Occupational Therapy Assistant and has worked with preschoolers for quite some time now, therefore she was able to write this book from her experiences in the field. A concern that she is seeing repeatedly is the amount of children that are delayed in their pre-writing skills all because of the lack of exposure. Introducing pre-writing lines or stokes (vertical and horizontal lines forming shapes such as triangles and diamonds) to toddlers can help a child learn legible writing skills when appropriate.

This is information I wish I had known sooner being my oldest 2 have HORRIBLE manuscript.

Basic Shapes for Beginners is designed as a 6week study with printable activities and ideas. This is not “classroom enforced” each activity is learning through play and is broken down for each age group appropriately. So no need to down play a 5yr old activity for your 2 yr old, she has it all laid out for you, with a few bonuses.  This is what the weeks look like;

  • Week 1 – Vertical & Horizontal Lines
  • Week 2 – Circle Shapes
  • Week 3 – Cross (+) Shapes
  • Week 4 – Squares & Rectangles
  • Week 5 – Diagonal Lines & “X” Shapes
  • Week 6 – Triangles & Diamonds

A few of the bonuses also include activities for a child that may be a head.

I can not wait to get started on this with my youngest little man.

What about you?

If you don’t want to take your chances with the giveaway you can purchase your very copy for 50% off by using the code LAUNCH50 until April 6th.

Good luck!


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