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Don't Trade Being Savvy for Being Frugal

In my absence of extreme couponing, I learned the value of Quality over Quantity.

All that pasta that was on sale and became free with my coupons wasn't quite the quality the taste buds of my children were looking for.

Or when the close out deals would come through because the product was about to expire....Who came up with expiration dates any way, I thought, yet those expiration dates DO MATTER! Therefore more math is needed if you want to buy 40 boxes of cereal that are about to expire in 30 days....DUH!

Yes I know when you extreme smart you donate but honestly unless you are giving the product to some one in need directly there is no way of knowing if that cereal was actually eaten in due time. After the expiration date the pantries will throw them out, in which you just donated to the landfill!

And I knew deep down inside as a cosmetologist that the shampoo I was buying receiving was not good for anyones hair...but it was free! And now I am literally paying the price, therefore I didn't save as much as predicted. It has taken about 3 months to get all of that build up out of my hair! As far as the DIY shampoo that is floating around the internet....Just don't!!

Now I am not insulting the live style in any way, it was the way we lived for a long time and I was quite proud that in our time of need I was able to feed more than one household with coupon knowledge. My children never experienced a night with out food or a time that our table was not full.

I am extremely proud of the fact we were still able to teach our children that as long as we have bread to break we have bread to share.

However I have learned the hard way that Quality does last longer, therefore the extra penny spent stretched farther than the dollar gained.

Also being health issues have changed our lifestyle completely I am learning that those "cheap" products....well, not all but some........I don't care if they are giving them away, they aren't coming back into this household!

I still coupon and I still encourage couponing, I am just more aware now of the products that are on that coupon. Sites that don't fail me;
  • Ibotta has an app that you download and is easy peasy. 
  • SavingStar  gives you your own savings account per say.
  • Coupons.com For your printer needs
  • RedPlum and SmartSource can still be found in your Sunday papers as well as the web
I am aslo leary of the sites that claim to save you thousands, beware those site have hidden agendas!

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