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Pinching Pennies is No Laughing Matter

During my journey of living frugalistically, I have learned the true value of pocket change.

A few years back a big bank company offered a round up program in which they encouraged their clients to enroll in. This program linked their savings and checking accounts together in order to allow an automatic withdrawal from their checking to direct deposit into their savings during every transaction made.

I am not sure of the specific name of this program however I called it the "Round-up Program"....I am sure you will agree it is a very fitting title.

The short description of this program is basically as follows.
  • Make a purchase
  • the sum of your change rounded to the next dollar will be deposited into your savings
So in more laymen's terms
  • if your purchase is $19.01
  • $.99 will be deposited into your savings account
  • making your transaction officially $20.00
See fitting title right?

After seeing this commercial I didn't run off to the nearest branch, instead I thought "this is an ingenious idea!!"

From then on when I balanced my check book I would round up my change and then make a deposit into my checking.....I didn't need no fancy bank to do it for me! 

Of course that was before the downward spiral into the pit of our debt slavery. 

During the journey to debt freedom, debit cards became a popular thing and as time went on there wasn't any reason to write checks anymore, so it was more complicated to round up those transactions without a register booklet. Therefore I began to collet my pocket change.

Even if something cost 1cent more I would not search for a penny, I would bust the dollar in order to throw 99cents in my collection jar. 

As for Pennies alone.....if they were on the ground

I wouldn't touch them unless they were on heads. Ya know, for good luck!

Then someone share this poem with me;

Pennies from Heaven

So every penny I find, I pick up and whisper hello, then place it in my jar.

With that said about 75% of my pennies are "found"......I bet you will think twice before you dismiss a dropped penny again.

Yesterday I sat down and rolled all of my silver coins that were in my jar. From January to today My total came to $250.00

Remember I haven't counted my pennies yet!!


With Operation #EnchantingRecess underway, every little bit helps....

Which means at this point Pinching Pennies is No Laughing Matter!


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