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My Apologies

I have to begin the day my apologizing to those of you that have subscribed to my feeds. I worked real hard yesterday on make sure everything was in tip top shape, especially after coming out of the dark.

I didn't realize things were so messed up until this morning and I am so sorry.

You see I subscribe to my blog as well, not because I want to reread my article...AGAIN, but because I want to make sure you are receiving everything you should and in a timely fashion.

That is why I have 2 feeds;
  1. for ALL articles
  2. Subscribe to PrudentWisdom.com by Email
  3. for coupons only
  4. Subscribe to Printable Coupons by Email
So those of you that subscribe to ALL articles, you received 24 updates....oops!

If you notice some of those updates span all the way back to 2013....YIKES!


I hope and pray this does not deter you away from reading any of the articles.....? Do catch up, I have missed you all ;-)

Though I am wondering how many subscribers knew I was back already?

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