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Discombobulated By Blogging, Yet Again

I am back only a day and I am blown away by how much the blogosphere has become so commercialized while I was away.........all of less than 3 months = complete discombobulation!

I mean seriously all of the honest connections I had are now gone =0(

This makes me feel all alone in the world wide web. I honestly came back because.... well yes because, yes, I received a pay check that I did not know was coming and thought, to myself, if I could understand exactly what I was doing, maybe, just maybe I could make more money........

And then while trying to reconnect I see that I was not the only one that left. Though some I can not comprehend the abandonment as they were "making bank". Others I see were on the same ship I was sailing and wanted to wade the wanters for a raft to come by, being this ship was over populated.

Needless to say the ocean scenario keeps me a float......

As much as this aggravates me I feel like a hypocrite! I am coming back for the money....or lack there of;
  • I am coming back because my links are still being clicked.
  • I am coming back because people are still liking me. 
  • I am coming back for money. 
  • I am coming back because I am thought of. 
  • I am coming back because I missed this. 
  • I am coming back because it is what I know. 
  • I am coming back because of money.
I made a dime and I want to cash in.

The very thing that is commercializing this atmosphere and fueling my frustrations, is what I came back for. However I am different!

  • I will not link something I do not like
  • I will not suggest something I would not buy
  • I will not recommend something I do not believe in
  • I will not allow compensation to compromise my opinion
  • I will give honest reviews
  • My opinions will remain my own!
I will not change me for you or anyone else! I am who I am and I love Him for all of me!

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