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Value Seekers Club

Did you know that the Dollar Tree had a loyalty program?

Neither did I!

But I found it and I am so excited to tell you about it!!

It's called the Value Seekers Club and it is full of exclusive offers. As a member you will be able to receive;
FREE catalogsFREE budget friendly recipesFREE craft and diy ideasFREE organizing solutionsAnd so much MORE! Best of all the entire program is FREE!!!
 Who doesn't LOVE FREE??
As a member you will also be the first to know about online offers, in store deals and store events, all exclusively for MEMBERS ONLY. So hurry and sign up, I have provided you with a direct link, just click the banner to get started.

You definitely want to be a part of this!!

Be Apart of the Perdue Crew

Are you a Perdue fan?

Do you LOVE their chicken?

Do you believe in their company values?

I know I sure do!

and if you do too, you can be apart of the Perdue Crew!

The Perdue crew is made up of some of their biggest fans and by sharing their love for Perdue products news and recipes they are able to earn points, prizes and exclusive coupons.

Today I received 100 points just for logging in!!
Other ways to earn points are;Every approved Instagram photo you upload using the #perduechickenpromotion hashtag earns you 500 points.For every friend you get to join, you’ll score 1,500 points.Create and share your favorite recipes for 500 points.Score 500 points for each additional network you connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.Now through June 30th Perdue will be giving awayGrilling Tool Sets, Full Grilling Kits, A bunch of $100 Amazon Gift Cards =0)With even more ways to win; Every 500 points earned = an entry into a scratch-off instant win prize. Earn points, go to perdue…

Discombobulated By Blogging, Yet Again

I am back only a day and I am blown away by how much the blogosphere has become so commercialized while I was away.........all of less than 3 months = complete discombobulation!

I mean seriously all of the honest connections I had are now gone =0(

This makes me feel all alone in the world wide web. I honestly came back because.... well yes because, yes, I received a pay check that I did not know was coming and thought, to myself, if I could understand exactly what I was doing, maybe, just maybe I could make more money........

And then while trying to reconnect I see that I was not the only one that left. Though some I can not comprehend the abandonment as they were "making bank". Others I see were on the same ship I was sailing and wanted to wade the wanters for a raft to come by, being this ship was over populated.

Needless to say the ocean scenario keeps me a float......

As much as this aggravates me I feel like a hypocrite! I am coming back for the money....or lack there …