The Ultimate Blog Party 2014

The Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom has been around for 8 years now. I, however, have only partied with them 3 times (this being my 3rd time) yet for some reason I am only able to find that I wrote just 1 intro post…..HMMMM????

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I have also won a prize each time, last year was this wonderful WordPress Transformation that I am still excited about!

And the time before that was a water proof writing pad and pencil that hangs in my shower….still to this day, preventing my ideas from going down the drain! Along with an over sized coffee mug that I still use and think about the #UBP everytime I enjoy a cup of coffee with it.

Just a heads up

I love to socialize during parties but am completely horrible about staying in touch. So if I meet you at the party and you don’t see me anymore in your part of the blogosphere after that, please know it is not because I don’t like you. I am the greatest friend you will never have and the worst friend you will always have. If that makes since to you then you and I are going to be the best of friends!!

A little about me

I am many characteristics in one beautiful package….a TRUE Sagittarius. I am surrounded by 4 handsomes and 1 dog in a little culdesac on the outskirts of town. I am living a life that I never dreamed of and am loving the life I have always prayed for. This address located in the premises of this blogosphere is where I hang my words and journal from my fabulous savings to my wealthy life as a FFW (FireFighter wife). I never imagined being a mother but still the Lord not only blessed me with 3 precious gifts, He blessed me with the ability to teach preschool and through that journey I have learned to become a better mother.

A Little about my blog

What you read are just a few of the topics you will find if you stick around here for a while. So pull up a chair if you can or come back when you can stay longer, either way I look forward to meeting you at the #UBP14

Oh and P.S. If you don’t mind I would greatly appreciate it if you would vote for me by clicking the banner below. Thanks so much!
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    • Dana says:

      AW thanks so much for the vote! I couldn’t wait any longer last night (too tired) So I am hoping I get to fill out my prize form today?

  1. Janine says:

    Hi Dana, you have quite the busy home! 3 boys and a fire fighter! It must be pretty exciting at your house. Love the blog transformation by the way. Following along!

  2. Poekitten says:

    I’m also horrible at staying in touch! I’m finding friends that made last year at the UBP that I haven’t spoken too since then:( I really need to get better at it!

    Looking forward to connecting on Twitter!

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Dana!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s great to visit yours. A waterproof writing pad??? So, I’m not the only person who blogs in the shower??? :)
    I’m just starting out and already find it a challenge to “keep up” with everyone I meet. But, I’m happy to meet you and will connect with you on your social sites. Maybe we can visit some over the next year. :)
    Have a great evening, and enjoy the party!

    • Dana says:

      I didn’t realize your were a “newbie”? you seem like a pro! I am off and on and have been for over 6 yrs, needless to say if you keep up you will go far! so hang in there, see you soon ;-)

  4. Amy Jung says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I’m glad to meet you and to visit your blog. I’m in a season of needing to be quite frugal…looking forward to seeing how you save and live prudently!

  5. Karen O'Hanlon says:

    Stopping by as part of UBP 2014. It is hard to stay in touch sometimes, but I do a better job when people are more tech-y.

    Hope you get to check our mom and son blog mindlikechild. and let us know what you think!

  6. Tami @Colorado Mountain Mom says:

    Hi Dana!

    You so graciously stopped by my site during #UBP14, and I’m sorry it took me so long to return the favor. I decided to play “being sick” for the entire week – YUK!

    I agree, your blog redesign is gorgeous… love the crisp, clean look of your site! Nice to meet you. Hope you won a nice momento prize from this year’s party! ;)

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