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How Does your Garden Grow?

Many years ago when I had room for a garden, I utilized the space as much as possible by companion gardening. We (my hubs and I) had so much fun and a lot of success with it. Our garden became a happy hobby for us or blissful chore if you will.

Since we have moved....5yrs ago....to a smaller lot of land I have given container gardening a try and yielded no success. I have even tried the hanging gardens, which is now an on going joke in the Prudent Wisdom house. Either I would drown the plants or dry them out. The last of our "crop" was lost during the war with the Ants.


I had almost given up.....ALMOST!

With much anticipation and prayer....yes I have prayed about my garden....I have decided to build a raised bed garden! Against my hubs wished I have mapped our a plan and researched the following scenarios;

  • Succession Plantin
  • Companion Planting
  • SqFt Gardening
As much as I would like to give succession planting and sqft gardening a try, I believe I had better stick to what I know and that is companion planting. Especially since I don't like to use chemicals or pesticides.

Though, I am branching our and trying a few new things such as different kinds of vegetables like;

  • carrots
  • radishes
  • zucchini
  •  summer cabbage
  • sunflowers
My children are on board and can not wait to get started. I am so glad because with everything going on in this house, I am quite certain this garden is going to be the best therapy we can afford ;-)

Tell me how does your garden grow?

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