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Can You Freeze Candy??

Of course you can!!

As a matter of fact I do it every year and haven't bought my own candy in 2 years!

I, myself, thought this was an "old" savvy tip and never thought any less of it. My mom told me this secret years ago. She revealed to me that she would often freeze some of our Halloween candy and use it to stuff our stockings at Christmas.


However this year, when I spilled the beans about "my" secret and the Easter candy we hid for our egg hunt. The entire room gasped......even my Grandmother???

"What??" They all shouted

My Uncle made the comment that he wasn't eating what we brought, my aunt snooted her nose and my grandmother,  MY GRANDMOTHER.....I thought she would be proud of me.....Gave me a lecture about how chocolate changes colors.

At this point my hubs stepped in and backed me up on this ingenious idea (I LOVE that man) and vouched that we haven't seen our chocolate change colors. Not to say that it hasn't but it's still good!

Needless to say I was still astonished about the situation by the time we got home that evening and to be sure my mother didn't lie to me....being she didn't back me up......I Googled the idea. I found out that I am not the only "genius" in the world ;-) Infact I found several sites that list more information than I imagined there would be.

Such as:

"Most candy doesn't need to be frozen. 
Sugar is a natural preservative and there's not much else in hard candy."

The Nap Time Chef actually did a taste test comparing frozen candy verses room temp candy.

Fox News even published a report on What to do with left over Halloween candy. Stating:
"Have you ever had a frozen Snickers bar? 
They are delicious, and will taste a lot better if you save them for a time
 when you aren’t candied-out from trick-or-treating."

And this Special Report on how to Make the Most of your Halloween Candy even gives you a chart to go by:

Halloween candy tips

So you see FAMILY and friends you can indeed freeze your left over candy from this year whether it is from Easter, Halloween, Christmas or even Valentines. In fact you can catch those clearance sales this year and be life of the party next year ;-)

Now tell me have you ever frozen candy? or are there other ways to save your left overs?

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