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UPDATE: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Back in November I wrote a post on Homemade Laundry Detergent, I must confess that I had been using the detergent for 3 months before I wrote the post being I wanted to make sure that it was something Prudent Wisdom worthy.

I didn't want to write a post on something that I did not believe in or use myself ;-)

I also had studied several recipes on Pinterest, therefore, I had to tweak this recipe to my satisfaction in order to share it with you to avoid any false advertisements =0)

So on to the UPDATE.........

I just ran out of detergent =-O

Yep that's right my original recipe lasted my family an entire 7 months!!!

In referring to my last post I saw that I did not post the cost savings.....Shame on ME =0( But with help from Amazon I am going to give you a rough estimate now;

Mule-Team Borax -$10.63Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda- $9.825 Gallon Bucket & Lid- $7.85Bar soap - $0.00 Found in reservewater- refer to utility bill ;-) Now you know I DID NOT pay these prices being…

How Does your Garden Grow?

Many years ago when I had room for a garden, I utilized the space as much as possible by companion gardening. We (my hubs and I) had so much fun and a lot of success with it. Our garden became a happy hobby for us or blissful chore if you will.

Since we have moved....5yrs a smaller lot of land I have given container gardening a try and yielded no success. I have even tried the hanging gardens, which is now an on going joke in the Prudent Wisdom house. Either I would drown the plants or dry them out. The last of our "crop" was lost during the war with the Ants.


I had almost given up.....ALMOST!

With much anticipation and prayer....yes I have prayed about my garden....I have decided to build a raised bed garden! Against my hubs wished I have mapped our a plan and researched the following scenarios;

Succession PlantinCompanion PlantingSqFt Gardening As much as I would like to give succession planting and sqft gardening a try, I believe I had better stick to what I…

Can You Freeze Candy??

Of course you can!!

As a matter of fact I do it every year and haven't bought my own candy in 2 years!

I, myself, thought this was an "old" savvy tip and never thought any less of it. My mom told me this secret years ago. She revealed to me that she would often freeze some of our Halloween candy and use it to stuff our stockings at Christmas.


However this year, when I spilled the beans about "my" secret and the Easter candy we hid for our egg hunt. The entire room gasped......even my Grandmother???

"What??" They all shouted

My Uncle made the comment that he wasn't eating what we brought, my aunt snooted her nose and my grandmother,  MY GRANDMOTHER.....I thought she would be proud of me.....Gave me a lecture about how chocolate changes colors.

At this point my hubs stepped in and backed me up on this ingenious idea (I LOVE that man) and vouched that we haven't seen our chocolate change colors. Not to say that it hasn't but it's…