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Which means nothing other than I am finally able to knock the dust off this computer and catch up on the "Days of Our Blogs" lol. That is if the boyz don't tie me down first being they are out of school for an ENTIRE WEEK......AAAAAHHHH!!!

Oh how I have so missed ALL of you!!

SO......what have you been up to?

What amaxing adventures have you been on? 

How are the kidz?

Me? Well where do I begin? So much has happened since my last live post that I am not exactly sure where to start.

My boyz are growing tooo fast!! And we have a new addition to the family =0) No, I didn't have another baby (gosh it hasn't been that long!) nor did we adopt.......yet ;-) but we did bring home a 4 legged love from Animal Control. 

Oh I will have to share with you all the days that the Boyz and I were volunteering to play with abandoned animals at the Animal Control shelter? That is an adventure that I encourage ALL of you to take!!

All this is happening while my hubs is working his NEW(2nd)job, not just ANY 2nd job, this job has possible NEW(primary)JOB potential and it has definitely given his current job encouragement!

Oh and then there's my new job title, which is quite an interesting story to tell....if I can figure out how.....

OH MY.......looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!

But first tell me how you did on your budget last year? Did you do year end totals? I finally tallied all mine up when I did my taxes =0)


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