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Animal Control, Animal Response, Animal Care

Are you an animal lover?

Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter?

Did you know it could be a project for the WHOLE family?

The boyz and I have been volunteering at our local Animal Control shelter since Christmas. No we have not been cleaning out pens, picking up poop or even have had the pleasure of feeding them but, we have been playing with them.

Did you know that a simple visit with these animals can help prepare them for when their new family comes to get them?

Yep that's right you don't even have to get them out of their pens, just a simple pet with your fingers through the fence does more than you can ever imagine. This is something I learned on our first visit to the Animal Control Shelter. With middle man being a little rowdy and baby boy being a little too young I knew we were limited on what we could do. Yet the officer explained the importance of the animals becoming familiar with human visitors other than the workers.

Which makes since if you th…


Which means nothing other than I am finally able to knock the dust off this computer and catch up on the "Days of Our Blogs" lol. That is if the boyz don't tie me down first being they are out of school for an ENTIRE WEEK......AAAAAHHHH!!!
Oh how I have so missed ALL of you!!
SO......what have you been up to?
What amaxing adventures have you been on? 
How are the kidz?
Me? Well where do I begin? So much has happened since my last live post that I am not exactly sure where to start.
My boyz are growing tooo fast!! And we have a new addition to the family =0) No, I didn't have another baby (gosh it hasn't been that long!) nor did we adopt.......yet ;-) but we did bring home a 4 legged love from Animal Control. 
Oh I will have to share with you all the days that the Boyz and I were volunteering to play with abandoned animals at the Animal Control shelter? That is an adventure that I encourage ALL of you to take!!
All this is happe…

Support Group??

Being a Fire Fighter's Wife (FFW) is extremely hard!

Not for all the reasons that Hollywood Portrays but for the reasons that his absence make me feel like a single mom. I don't fear him not coming home, or being caught in the middle of a burning building, I fear all the moments he's going to miss.

Touch downs made by our boyz, home runs, the winning goal, football practices in the back yard, warming up for the big pitch and all the frustrating moments of being a boy in general brings. All the moments our boyz are going to go through that mom "has" to handle because dad is on shift or working OT.

Now, with all that said I must applaud my hubs for standing up for the importance of family by making us priority over his jobs, even if his superiors disagree. Technology has also become our best friend for keeping him in the loop while he is away.

I can also applaud myself for being so determined to find the silver lining in every difficult situation that I refuse to s…