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Organizing Revolution for 2013 ~ Kitchen

I am a little late on getting this post up, but what else is new?

This week for our New Years Organizing Revolution challenge is the kitchen.


No not really......

The only thing I learned about this weeks assignment is I need to be a better photographer! Only because My Kitchen has always been the center of my home, even though it is on the back side of the house, it is where we all come together. When our 1st child was born my hubs and I promised each other that we would ALWAYS eat at the dinner table, regardless of the time or circumstances we would always sit down at the dinner table and eat together as a family.

14 years later we still do!!

Being that our kitchen is the heart of our home, you will most likely find this space more organized than the rest of our house, however my pics do not do it justice;

my kitchen is not very big but it is clutter free

well except for the fridge, but it is cluttered with love;-)

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE large glass containers?

Although I am clutter free on the outside, I am not so much on the inside (LITERALLY) Therefore I used this assignment wisely to reorganize and utilize the inside of my cabinets.

now looks like this.
Yes I know it seems like it could still need some more de-cluttering
but everything on the left will be gone before Valentines day

I turned this

into this with the help of a Kleenex box
 and stored it in my spice cabinet

which use to look like this

I took this cabinet

and moved it up

turned this

into this
Check this out

who needs expensive organizers
when you have cereal boxes?!

 Now that you get the idea, let me give you a tour of some finished projects that I will be sharing the "how to's" for at a later time;
see this chest of drawers?
it was my bedroom furniture from when I was a kid
and it was white =-0
Those message boards use to be an art easel.

this dresser was also part of my childhood furniture
and it was also white....matching set ;-)
those lamps where a Goodwill find
and those curtains I made all by myself =0)
the table with chairs use to belong to my Grandmother,
I really do miss here =0(
Now that I am taking another look at this pic
I think that empty bowl needs some fruit,
what do you think?

Thanks for Reading,
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