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CVS This Week ~ 1/6/13

Sorry for the delay on this post, seems other websites are saying that the Clean & Clear qp is located in the ss 1/6, however, that particular insert must be regional, Which irritates the heck out of me because Clean & Clear is about the only facial product that my face will allow me to use...UGH!

Anyways here is my CVS list for this week;

  • 1Bayer Contour meter $9.99 (There are qps for this found here, here and here via Didie@CVS Deals on WeUseCoupons, but I was only able to get one to print...not sure if my printer was having issues or not?)
  • 1Sunday paper.....because my hubs forgot one $2.00
    • total=$11.99
    • -$10 ECBs
    • -.75 ECBs
    • -.50 ECBs
      • total=$.74 (before tax) 
I earned $10.00 ECBs, from Contour meter, for my next transaction;
  • 1Culturelle $10.00
    • total=$10.00
    • -$9.99 ECBS
      • total=$.01(before tax)
I earned $10.00 ECBs from Cilturelle and $1.00 ECBs from my green bag tag. A total of $11.00 for my transaction next week. 

So my GRAND total was $.75 OOP!!
That is a $10.25 MONEY MAKER!!!

What about you? How did you do?

Thanks for Reading,
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