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Book Review ~ Spirit Fighter

As a Christian parent, I was intrigued by the title "Spirit Fighter". I thought that maybe my son would be more intrigued that he was, but the truth was it didn't grab our attentions as fast as I would hoped.
Spirit Fighter (Son of Angels, Jonah Stone)

I really can't point out any part that "lost" me and my review isn't all bad. It just wasn't for us. I mean the kid (the character in the book) prays to God after blowing basketball try-outs and then all of a sudden he has magical powers.....really?

I don't grasp things like that very well so it was a total distraction to me even though it was in a fantasy mind set. However, because of the way I feel I lent it to my oldest son for his opinion, being it is geared toward his age group anyway.

He stated;

"It doesn't seem like a book I want to read"

He told me this after he read the first chapter, as he was handing me the book. I asked him to read a little more for an "honest" opinion, after that he felt like it was trying to be a copy another book/movie that was out......hmmmm?

But you don't have to take my word for it.....

Thanks for Reading,
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