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Be My Valentine ~ Week 1 ~ Take Initiative!

Yesterday as I saddled up to prepare my heart and my blog for this challenge, I was filled with excitement and Joy because it is something that would come easy for me.

Seriously, boasting my hubs is very rewarding!! ;-)

Then As I read Courtney's post for Week 1 Challenge, I soon realized that I know someone that this challenge might be hard for. Maybe even a little too hard...

I am not sure if she even really reads my blog but....for just a moment I want to talk to you, specifically, because I want you to know that I have been praying for you ever since our last conversation about your marriage. I can still feel your pain from that day. I continue to pray that the Lord is helping you find peace in the midst of your chaos and is giving you strength to hold on. I am also praying that you have taken this challenge with me and as hard as it may be for you, know you are not alone!!

I remember when my hubs and I went through our "hick-up" I decided to "fight back" differently.....

Instead of screaming and yelling, name calling and insulting. I dug deep down inside of my heart to find all of the reasons he makes me proud to be his wife. The ways he made me smile, weather it was because of his attitude toward me (once upon a time) or the way he made our boyz laugh.

Because regardless how bad of a hubs he was at that time he never sucked as a father.

So I just reminded him of those moments, not the sucky hubs parts, but the parts that made me never regret I married him. And it was in that moment that the meaning of being a submissive wife made perfect sense.

Putting my hubs on a pedestal especially in his darkest of moments, gives him a sense of encouragement that no other human being could ever give him. Me, as his wife, lifting him up gives him the inspiration that it takes for him to be the "king of his castle".

It was clear to me then what my "job" as his wife entailed. Which....produced another challenge...

I am very hard headed, stubborn and am ALWAYS right. Regardless of the situation I am NEVER wrong and my way is always BEST!!

We can thank my mom for that,

Thanks mom ;-)

Through out other areas of my life this is a WONDERFUL gene to have, so appreciation towards my mother is truthful, but in my marriage is was something that was hard to swallow. 
  • Having to admit when I was wrong.....even if I WASN'T...errrr! 
  • Being the first to say I am sorry...even if it was all HIS FAULT...ugh!
  • Agreeing to disagree....ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
Yes all these things I had to over come.... some days I still struggle with it, other days the triumph is so rewarding words can't express the chemistry in our marriage.

So here is this week's challenge;

Week 1 Challenge - Take the Initiative!  Look for ways to praise your husband verbally.
Praise him in front of the kids, friends, family, co-workers, on facebook, tweet it – get praise out anyway you can! Try to mention something noteworthy he has done – in his role as provider, father, husband, lover, or friend. If the thought of trying to come up with one terrifies you, then pray right now that God will give you new eyes to see your husband as God does. Then open your mouth and say something kind and uplifting to your husband today and tomorrow and the next day until Valentine’s Day arrives!

Now back to my dear friend...there's no need to leave a comment here (unless you want) telling us how you emphasized this weeks challenge, or posting the reasons for praise on Facbook or Twitter....JUST DO IT!!

Give no credit to this challenge right now, for some reason husbands don't "get it" in dark times. Just dig deep and go with it.

Remember prayers are with you!!

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Thanks for Reading,
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