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The Importance of a Date Night/Time

Ok before I continue I must confess my hubs and I don't do "date night" as much as we should =0( As a matter of fact the last time we had "date night" with out children was probably the year our middle man was born. Mainly because we can't afford paying for dinner AND paying for a baby sitter.

Although we are blessed enough to have family live close to us, and I know my parents couldn't refuse, sometimes I think I rely on them a little too much, between sick days and odd work hours. Therefore I feel guilty asking to keep all 3 boyz so my hubs and I can enjoy ourselves, alone. That is why we do "date night" a little different from the average "date night".

Since I have become a preschool teacher I have been blessed with wonderful preschool parents that gift us with gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters. Which allows us to budget a babysitter, however, we really do enjoy putting the kids to bed early and having date night at home, while they sleep. This way we don't have to compromise on 1 restaurant, or fight any crowds, we have take out and don't feel rushed =0)

Being that our date nights are at home we invented "date days". During date days we are able to enjoy time "on the town" without fighting a crowd and are able to enjoy the movie gift cards much longer because matinees are are so much cheaper. Also I don't feel as guilty asking my parents to keep 1 child vs 3 boyz.

Now the importance of date time (if you will) is connection. Connection is the key to contain strength in your marriage. It's not just "alone" time, it is time to actually enjoy something together with out any thought to the day you had or the day ahead. It is time for just you an your spouse to interact in an adult environment!

Do you remember back when you WERE dating. Back when it was a relief to get away from your parents or your roommates and just be alone together. Regardless where you were the fact that you were together was enough to satisfy the both of you. It was energizing to your relationship...much like recharging a battery.

Think of your marriage as that battery. The longer it is neglected the faster is will die but the more often it is recharged the longer it will live.

How creative are you and your spouse for date night/time? What are some of the things you can suggest or have been suggested?

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