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Stand Tall Through Tragedy and Spit in the Face of Fear!

This morning as sip on my coffee I scan my Facebook and read a few blogs, just like I do most mornings but this morning I am  trying to come to grips with what the world is feeling right now. I too feel grief,  I too feel helpless, I too feel fear but I am also very aware that I have NO CONTROL. Nothing I say or do will prevent the sun from rising or setting, nothing I say or do will prevent the world from going round and nothing I say or do will affect what God has in store for all of us.

I don't want to sound heartless as I write this but when I dropped my child off for school this morning I looked back, as I do EVERY morning, to make sure that he made it safe inside and I drove away in prayer, just like I do EVERY morning that I take my child to school. I told you the other day that I have complete confidence that I am trusting my child to some amazing people and have faith that the Lord will protect them all. Confidence, Trust and Faith!!

I am very aware that what happened in Connecticut can happen in Tennessee but I am also aware that there is a purpose for each one of us. I am also certain that one day all of this will be shown to us in a way that will make absolute, perfect since. Yes I know that is hard to grasp for some and maybe even harder for others but the Lord will show us where He was. He is going to show us from beginning to end when, where, how and why.

He is going to show us when evil poisoned this poor mans soul, He is going to show us where the window of opportunity was opened for evil to enter, He is going to show us how hard He fought to protect this poor mans soul and shielded him from evil, and then He is going to show us why. But before He shows us all of that He is going to show each and every single soul that these children's lives touched before their own ended. He is going to show us their purpose. He is going to show us where and when the seed of courage was planted in those teachers, that where sculpted to protect innocent lives. He is going to show us ALL of it and when He does, instead of asking why we will be in aw of His Glory.

However it is only then that it will make since and it is only until then that we will remain confused and in mourning. But until then we can not live in fear and allow evil to prevent us from living out our purpose, from living out the reason God created us. We can not allow fear to keep our children home, under our wings preventing them from living out their purpose and the reason God created them. Self satisfying our own anxieties will never reveal life's purpose.

Think about the child that your son/daughter sat next to this morning in class....maybe he is feeling scared about being at school, maybe he is even terrified. Maybe he has been glued to the TV all weekend and has been having nightmares about today. Maybe his parents are too wasted to notice or even care, maybe they use the TV as a babysitter and have no idea what he has been watching. Maybe your child gives him a shoulder to cry on, maybe your child gives him assurance that everything is going to be ok, maybe your child helps him cope and maybe, just maybe your child gives him enough peace that he is able to sleep tonight. Had your child not been at school today he may not have ever received Grace.

Or what about the little girl whose parents have been struggling to buy food and your child shares their chips, had your child not been at school that little girl may have not have eaten all day. Even the teacher who has no children of his/her own, who is grieving and the sweet hug from your child gives her comfort. Had that nightmare in Connecticut never happened your child would be at school anyway so why allow this nightmare to keep dreams from coming true.

Fear is only normal for life here on Earth but if we live in fear we are not able to fulfill our life purpose. Trust in God and know that this Earth is not our home....we are created for something better!

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