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Lost Journal.....Ha Ha This Will Make You Laugh!

Wow February flew by and march has snuck up on us. I am getting well acquainted with the blogging community and am very excited about my new pass times. I have mapped out greeting cards for our family for the whole year from birthdays to holidays.

I am starting to finish all my crochet projects that have been set a side and taking scraps to make a perfect surprise for my son.

My letters project has seemingly become an enjoyment on both ends and I am flattered by the responses.

I am more involved in my oldest sons school PTO and am excited about being able to use my creativity there.

My hubs now answers to coach, being that he has been volunteered to coach our son's soccer team. Which promotes quite a challenge due to the fact that we have never so much as even watched a soccer game.

All of these blessings are blessings in which the Lord has provided us with in order to become more organized with not just everyday life but with our spiritual life as well.

This is an insert from my "lost journal" that I found while cleaning out my closet recently. You can read all of my inserts here at Lost Journal

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