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Lost Journal.....Epcot

Up the ramp we stroll to ride the transport on beams, connected to our destination of the "biggest golf ball on Earth", as our little man says. Much to his surprise he received his pilot licence on that trip and rode at the nose of the train.
Thanx Diszine

Amazed by where technology can take us I believe NASA might hold an interest to his, yet, adventurous spirit that shown so brightly as he was hang gliding with his dad across land and sea.

Peace was in the breeze with sparks of the fire and the show with in the globe to inspire love and unity. Once again moments like this, hold a feeling like no other, a feeling as if all of us were smiling on one another. In the middle of Christmas...around the world.

This is an insert from my "lost journal" that I found while cleaning out my closet recently. You can read all of my inserts here at Lost Journal

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