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Lost Jornal...... Magic Kingdom

The smile on their faces permits no vocabulary in which can describe the reaction of their first sight upon the manifest of an immaculate residence. Little ladies may dream of beautiful dresses, priceless crowns and happily ever afters but it is the little gentlemen that dream of those little ladies ;-)

The sparks of the fire containing loud thunders conspiring from the back drop, leave you breathless as well as speechless.

The sight of a fairy at flight awwwss the crowd and gives evidence to the young believers that fairy tales do exist.

Just seconds before we were 4 in a crowd of thousands striving to find our way closer to the premier and then, for a very moment we were all one. Together silently watching the skies so bright. At peace with our elbowing neighbors, oblivious of our flaws, smiling happily, loving, caring, for only a moment, peace on Earth really existed, rendering truth to the slogan "where dreams do come true"

This is an insert from my "lost journal" that I found while cleaning out my closet recently. You can read all of my inserts here at Lost Journal.

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