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New Year Resolutions? 2013

Today I did something I have never done before.

Well I have but never this early.

I made a list of 10 New Year Resolutions, just a few things that popped into my head when I started thinking about the new year coming upon us.

They are not in any particular order but I thought I would share them with you;

Organize, organize, organize- And this year I MEAN IT! To help me out I am linking up with a New Year Organizing Revolution. Some great prizes are to be won here but I am honestly linking up for the support ;-)Stay on Top of Cleaning- I will be the first to admit that my house is the cleanest when my hubs is not home. I know I have that backwards but when he is home I am so keen on the kids and I spending time with him that I neglect my house hold duties. Well this year I will prioritizing this a little betterDive Deep into the Word- The word of God, I read my bible verses daily but I need to go deeper and stay deep. I plan on; Opening my daily devotions by having quiet time with the L…

Cvs This Morning

Bright and early this morning I am hitting up my local CVS with this shopping list;

1bag of peanut M&m's- $.751Sudden Sleep 4ct- $2.873bottle of Pantene Shampoo- $10.50 ($3.50ea)3bottles of Pantene Conditioner- $10.50 ($3.50ea)6bottles of Dawn- 5.94 ($.99ea)1Always Infinity Pads- 3.99-3 $300/2 Pantene qp (12/30 p&g)-6 $.50 Dawn Hand Renewal qp (12/30 p&g)-1 $1.00 Always qp (12/30p&g)-$4.00/$20 e-mail qp-$4.00 ECB-$5.00 ECBTotal=$8.55 OOP (not including tax)+$.75 ECB for M&M's+$2.87 ECB for Sudden Sleep+$10.00 ECB for buyig $30 of P&G productsThis is a $5.07 money making trip!!!

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This Week at CVS

2 Day Sale (12/23-12/24)

(If you are signed up for special offers at you should have received an email for 24% off your next order)


~ Get $5 ECB wyb Schick Hydro Silk, Hydro 3, Hydro 5 or Hydro 5 Power razor 1ct. or cartridges 4-8 ct. Limit 1
$2/1 Schick Hydro Silk, Quattro for Women or Intuition razor or refill (SS 12/2)
$4/1 refill peelie found on the Hydro razors at CVS
$8/1 Schick Hydro Silk Blades scanner coupon printed week of 12/16
Hydro Silk 4ct. refills psa. $16.99

Scenario with a scanner, peelie & 25% off:
25% off - $4.25
$8/1 scannercoupon
$4/1 peelie
Pay $0.74, Get $5 ECB
$4.26 MM after coupons/ecb

Scenario with a scanner, insert & 25% off coupons:
25% off - $4.25
$2/1 insert coupon
$8/1 scannercoupon
Pay $2.74, Get $5 ECB
$2.26 MM after coupons/ecb

Scenario with scanner and peelie coupons:
$8/1 scannercoupon
$4/1 peelie
Pay $4.99, Get $5 ECB
Free after coupons/ecb

Scenario with scanner/insert coupons:
$8/1 scannercoupon
$2/1 insert coupon
Pay $6.99, Get $5 ECB
$1.99 after coupons…

Stand Tall Through Tragedy and Spit in the Face of Fear!

This morning as sip on my coffee I scan my Facebook and read a few blogs, just like I do most mornings but this morning I am  trying to come to grips with what the world is feeling right now. I too feel grief,  I too feel helpless, I too feel fear but I am also very aware that I have NO CONTROL. Nothing I say or do will prevent the sun from rising or setting, nothing I say or do will prevent the world from going round and nothing I say or do will affect what God has in store for all of us.

I don't want to sound heartless as I write this but when I dropped my child off for school this morning I looked back, as I do EVERY morning, to make sure that he made it safe inside and I drove away in prayer, just like I do EVERY morning that I take my child to school. I told you the other day that I have complete confidence that I am trusting my child to some amazing people and have faith that the Lord will protect them all. Confidence, Trust and Faith!!

I am very aware that what happened in …

Lost Journal.....Ha Ha This Will Make You Laugh!

Wow February flew by and march has snuck up on us. I am getting well acquainted with the blogging community and am very excited about my new pass times. I have mapped out greeting cards for our family for the whole year from birthdays to holidays.

I am starting to finish all my crochet projects that have been set a side and taking scraps to make a perfect surprise for my son.

My letters project has seemingly become an enjoyment on both ends and I am flattered by the responses.

I am more involved in my oldest sons school PTO and am excited about being able to use my creativity there.

My hubs now answers to coach, being that he has been volunteered to coach our son's soccer team. Which promotes quite a challenge due to the fact that we have never so much as even watched a soccer game.

All of these blessings are blessings in which the Lord has provided us with in order to become more organized with not just everyday life but with our spiritual life as well.

This is an insert from my &…

Even in The Midst of Tragedy There is No Doubt

April 20th 1999, my hubs and I had only been married for 9 months and he was on this kick of wanting kids. I wasn't ready yet and was having way too much fun spoiling his our nieces. Rather than discussing it I avoided the issue, but that night it was something we HAD to talk about, because that afternoon the news of the Columbine shooting was on every channel of the TV. As we ate our dinner we sat a watched report after reports unfold the events of the day. We saw children escaping through windows, the footage of the cafeteria rampage, armed guards sneaking up sidewalks and all I could think about was their poor mothers.
We didn't have kids and we were in another state with breaking hearts, glued to the TV. I couldn't imagine what one must have felt to have a child attending that school or even live down the street. And for the mom who ran to the school in fear but with hopes that she would see her daughter/son, only to learn of his/her death............words can NOT des…

Lost Journal.....Animal Kingdom

Out of character greets and safari rides Mt. Everest is the experience that will always be remembered. I have yet to meet anyone quite like myself who goes to great lengths to pump adrenaline on roaring tracks of flips and illusions.

Although what greater joy would I have that this person I meet is none other than one of my offspring's.

Again and again we rode and rode to jump off with true gratification.  How proud I was to capture the look on his face from one extreme to another....they were priceless!

This is an insert from my "lost journal" that I found while cleaning out my closet recently. You can read all of my inserts here at Lost Journal

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The Importance Of Alone Time With Your Spouse

Alone time with your spouse is crucially important for the strength of your marriage. Regardless of the length of time, youneedhaveto connect by having an adult conversation with NO interruptions  My hubs and I had to be creative in this area due to the fact that our work schedules fluctuate so frequently.
In the beginning we tried scheduling a time during the week when both of our schedules were clear but with 3 boyz that time always became occupied with something else. Then we tried one night a week putting the boyz to bed early enough were we could "catch up", much like our date night, but again between overtime and adrenaline that time became filled with something else. 
Then during a group discussion with some friends we all came up with the idea of making our "alone" times happenas soon aswe got together with our spouses. Meaning the minute we were home at the same time we had 15-30 minutes of alone time to talk and catch up. Because weather something is ailing…

Lost Journal.....Epcot

Up the ramp we stroll to ride the transport on beams, connected to our destination of the "biggest golf ball on Earth", as our little man says. Much to his surprise he received his pilot licence on that trip and rode at the nose of the train.

Amazed by where technology can take us I believe NASA might hold an interest to his, yet, adventurous spirit that shown so brightly as he was hang gliding with his dad across land and sea.

Peace was in the breeze with sparks of the fire and the show with in the globe to inspire love and unity. Once again moments like this, hold a feeling like no other, a feeling as if all of us were smiling on one another. In the middle of Christmas...around the world.

This is an insert from my "lost journal" that I found while cleaning out my closet recently. You can read all of my inserts here at Lost Journal

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The Importance of a Date Night/Time

Ok before I continue I must confess my hubs and I don't do "date night" as much as we should =0( As a matter of fact the last time we had "date night" with out children was probably the year our middle man was born. Mainly because we can't afford paying for dinner AND paying for a baby sitter.

Although we are blessed enough to have family live close to us, and I know my parents couldn't refuse, sometimes I think I rely on them a little too much, between sick days and odd work hours. Therefore I feel guilty asking to keep all 3 boyz so my hubs and I can enjoy ourselves, alone. That is why we do "date night" a little different from the average "date night".

Since I have become a preschool teacher I have been blessed with wonderful preschool parents that gift us with gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters. Which allows us to budget a babysitter, however, we really do enjoy putting the kids to bed early and having date night at ho…

Lost Jornal...... Magic Kingdom

The smile on their faces permits no vocabulary in which can describe the reaction of their first sight upon the manifest of an immaculate residence. Little ladies may dream of beautiful dresses, priceless crowns and happily ever afters but it is the little gentlemen that dream of those little ladies ;-)

The sparks of the fire containing loud thunders conspiring from the back drop, leave you breathless as well as speechless.

The sight of a fairy at flight awwwss the crowd and gives evidence to the young believers that fairy tales do exist.

Just seconds before we were 4 in a crowd of thousands striving to find our way closer to the premier and then, for a very moment we were all one. Together silently watching the skies so bright. At peace with our elbowing neighbors, oblivious of our flaws, smiling happily, loving, caring, for only a moment, peace on Earth really existed, rendering truth to the slogan "where dreams do come true"

This is an insert from my "lost journal&qu…

Deep in the Closet of Archives

Every now and then I have to deep clean my closet. For some reason I have a lot of clothes and shoes that get lost in the....hangers?? Each and every time I clean my closet I find something new, something I have forgotten about, something I thought was lost. One time I found a box of letters....that turned out to be an awesome moment, reading all those old letters from my childhood. From friends that moved away and my greatest and most dear pen pal. HMMMM what a way to reminisce!

This time while I was cleaning I came across a lost journal and a box of notes. Way back when, I once tried to go back to the pencil and paper and write my dear ones a letter. You know the ones that still have not befriended the internet. It was great while it lasted ;-) I really enjoyed receiving letters back!

Well I thought being that this is like a virtual journal, I would share with you my "lost journal". I kind of like my style of writing back then?? I will start off by sharing a page full of n…