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Ok so I know I am horrible about this and those of you that have read my blog for quite a while now, will feel like this is a broken record but I have a few friends that are just now getting into the coupon scheme of things.

Yes I know it is even hard for me to believe that I have friends that don't use coupons.

Seriously no one ever listens to me.....when I am talking!

Anyways I am very aware that in the past I have vowed to share my shopping list on a weekly bases only to end up breaking those vows. Therefore I am only going to promise to try my best to share with you my shopping list every time I go shopping. This way you are not waiting for it on Monday....because I don't shop on Monday ;-) I shop on Wednesday or Friday, depending on my hubs schedule.

Now there are pros and cons to these up coming posts;
  1. I don't have the best stock of coupons.....I am still working on that due to some recent issues
  2. I don't use printable coupons....very often
  3. I have narrowed my shopping list down to one store...Kroger, I rarely shop Publix anymore...unless I get a $$ off total qp
HOWEVER...you can still get the best deals for you and your family by following along with me at...The Grocery Game, Inc.

YES, I still use The Grocery Game, Inc. and probable ALWAYS will. Its fast, its easy and it saves me over $6000 a year!!!

Check out this video
So starting tonight I will share with you my Grocery list from The Grocery Game, Inc. the one that I shop with.

See you then!!

Thanks for Reading,
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