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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Back when there were only 3 of us and I was more OCD about being sanitary and organized, I probably could have been classified as a pioneer wife/mother. Of course that is when I had time to garden, cook from scratch, make home remedies to cure my family's ailments and alphabetize the pantry.

Through the years time got away from me, coupons made the remedies much cheaper in the stores and well our lot of land isn't quite big enough for the garden I was use to. But here recently, since the boom in extreme couponing, I am no longer amused by the urge to race some stock piling nut to the grocery store in order to stay within my extreme couponing budget. Therefore I am resulting back to my "pioneer" days, all except for alphabetizing the pantry.

My first homemade project is; Laundry detergent!!

Now my first thought was to make it as I did 12 years ago but I realized 12 years ago I had a top load washer in which I could use powder detergents. So I turned to Pinterest in search of a liquid recipe that I can use in my new, state of the art, front load washer. However it was then brought to my attention that my family is allergic to just about every soap on the market, therefore I became hesitant in making any of the recipes I found.

Yet after studying and researching all the recipes that I did find I was able to make my own recipes involving ingredients I know my family could endure. Check it out;


  • 1 bar of bath soap shaved and melted in 4C of boiling water
  • 1C Borax
  • 1C Washing Soda
  • 5G Bucket with Lid
  • Dispenser bottle of your choice
  • Fill the bucket with HOT tap water
  • add Borax
  • add washing soda
  • stir
  • add melted soap 
  • stir
  • cover and let sit overnight 
  • stir
  • add concoction to your dispenser bottle with equal parts of water (I added 1C at a time of each)
  • you might want to shake or sir before each use ;-)

This recipe yields 10 gallons of detergent. Which is a lot but sooo worth it. My 5G bucket is also used as a small chair for my boys art table and my dispenser bottle is a watering pitcher that was on sale at one of our local stores. I haven't had to buy laundry detergent in almost 3 months and by my calculations I don't think I will for another 6-9 months. Hows that for a dent in the grocery budget?!

In the pic you can see my bottle of homemade liquid fabric softener which I filed under my Pinterest Pitfalls =0(

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