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Homemade Decoupage

I remember yesterday (years ago) I was a second grader studying dinosaurs and for the first time ever I had the opportunity to help build a replica of a huge 3 horn. Seriously it was HUGE. One of our PTO moms had this grand idea and knowledge of combining simple ingredients such as chicken wire, newspaper, grey spray paint, glue and water to build a dinosaur as big as I was.

Now because of that experience, along with the memories of my mom, my brother, and I making egg baskets for Easter out of balloons, yarn, glue and water, I was certain that the preschool teachers I was currently working with were wasting money on buying Mod Podge. But I couldn't prove it.

Until the birth of Pinterest ;-)

When Pinterest arrived recipes for this simple remedy started popping up all over the web, which was fantastic being that I was in the middle of a project and desperately needed it. However it made me feel like a fool.


Because I could remember the ingredients but I couldn't remember they were equal parts..........REALLY are you kidding me I can remember the HUGE dinosaur and exactly how to make the Easter baskets but I couldn't remember that EQUAL parts of glue and water kept them together?!

Now, the simplest way to achieve this is to empty a bottle of white Elmer's Glue into an empty glass container that has a lid. Then fill the empty glue bottle up with water and then empty that into the glass container. Place the lid on tightly and shake it shake it, shake it and shake it some more ;-)

That's it!!

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