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30 Days of Thanks...Catch up

I have been distracted lately by a number of things. I was a day late on my 30 Days of Thanks through Facebook and am 3 days late through this blog and my Twitter feed. But if you are surprised raise your hand.....

So in playing catch up here are the post that I posted on my personal Facebook profile for

Day 1;
 Today (and everyday) I am Thankful for my salvation!! God gave me a chance to be reborn again, confessing the sins of the old me and then giving me the ability to build a legacy with the new me through Him, Christ Jesus!!

Day 2;
 Today (and everyday) I am thankful for my family, by name and DNA, I would not be where I am today without them! It is amazing to me that the Lord was thinking of my hubs and I when he created our ancestors and that he was thinking of our offsprings when he created us. I am so Thankful that he chose who he did to be the roots of our Family tree and I Pray that we as the trunk remain just as strong!

Now this is the part where I am catching up ;0)

Day 3;
 Today (and everyday) I am thankful for my precious children!! I am not sure what on Earth I have done to be trusted with such amazing gifts, I pray so hard that I do not let them (mychildren and myGod) down.

My oldest has def blossomed in his personality this year. So many times I feel like I have messed up with him but when we sit and talk, when I watch him sit and talk with others, when 
I see him teach new things to his brothers and when others admire him too the Lord tells me all the things I am doing right.

My Middle man has taught me so much about patients!! He def keeps us on our toes and keeps our hearts beating (fast) and we LOVE every minute of it! Though, I do believe he was sent to keep me in line ;-)

My baby boy knows when mama needs a laugh, a hug or a simple smerk. I have enjoyed every moment of watching his character develop and continue to admire his evolving personality.

If you know our (my hubs and I) testimony you know that these 3 boys are truly GIFTS. That is why every night as I pray over them I also pray for their wives, wherever they are I pray that God is with them too and that they know just how lucky they truly are =0)

Now tell me....What are you thankful for??

Thanks for Reading,
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