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30 Days of Thanks, Day 5

Today (and everyday) I am thankful for friendships, TRUE friendships. 

I often think more about friendships than the friends that are in the relationships, which in turn I am also guilty of taking friendships for granted....the friendships where the other friend truly accepts me for me and would not betray or dishonor the relationship we have created.

It is those friends that are also quick to forgive me because of the fact that they take ME FOR ME...who I really am because they know that is how I am and that I don't do it on purpose. 

These friends are honest with me even when they know it may hurt, these friends don't hurt me to break me they are honestly helping, making me stronger, pointing out the lessons I am suppose to learn, helping me become a better me.

These friends are Heaven sent and for that I am sending up a special prayer, thanking God for these friendships and asking him to highlight the ones I have missed, the ones I have taken for granted, because too often I ask Him to highlight the ones I've gotten wrong.

Thanks for Reading,
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