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30 Days of Thanks, Day 4

Today (and everyday) I am Thankful for my hubs!

He was Def made for me, (because no other man could have survived)

 LOL but seriously He is my soulmate and the one who completes me!!

Our road has been rocky yet we have been blessed enough to give each stone a name and learn from it's fossil for our journey ahead.

I thank God for the man that he was, the man he is and the man that God has sculpted him to be! From the day we fell in love, the day we were wed, the first day he became a deddy not once but 3 times, for each time he held our children for the first time and every time there after, to the present day college student setting the example for his sons and striving to be their earthly hero, he has taken my breath away.

I am so blessed to be his wife and I carry the name MRS. MARK HARRINGTON proudly and with great honor!!

Thanks for Reading,
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