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How We Love Our Kids Book Review

This book, How We Love Our Kids by Milan and Kay Yerkovich, is one that I will always keep on my night stand and refer back to at the end of the day.

It has helped my through difficult situations where I feel that as a parent I have failed my child. I am sure I am a little hard on myself but, none the less, I am positive I can do better!

In being that my hubs and I have completely different parenting styles this book has also helped me differ those arguments into a different direction.

I recommend this book to EVERY parent!!

Thanks for Reading,

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Posts Playing The Grocery Game

Ok so I know I am horrible about this and those of you that have read my blog for quite a while now, will feel like this is a broken record but I have a few friends that are just now getting into the coupon scheme of things.

Yes I know it is even hard for me to believe that I have friends that don't use coupons.

Seriously no one ever listens to me.....when I am talking!

Anyways I am very aware that in the past I have vowed to share my shopping list on a weekly bases only to end up breaking those vows. Therefore I am only going to promise to try my best to share with you my shopping list every time I go shopping. This way you are not waiting for it on Monday....because I don't shop on Monday ;-) I shop on Wednesday or Friday, depending on my hubs schedule.

Now there are pros and cons to these up coming posts;
I don't have the best stock of coupons.....I am still working on that due to some recent issuesI don't use printable coupons....very oftenI have narrowed my shoppin…

Once Upon a Time...

Many people, after hearing that I am a mother of 3 boys, tend to ask me if I wish I had a girl or if my hubs and I will try if we had/have a choice!

But what a lot of you don't know is; there was a time in my life that the Lord blessed me with a girl 4 girls, 2 of which are my hubs nieces by blood and 2 are nieces by marriage.

Yes that is right I was able to brush and braid until my was content. D would even fall asleep when I would fix her hair, often times it was a game to see how many braids she could wear at one time. P LOVED staying with us so much so that when we became pregnant she threw a fit that we had to take down "her" bed in order to make room for a crib.

L and A were often at their moms except for the holidays. My hubs and I didn't have children then so filling our home with their laughter brought so much joy to our hearts. The two of them could make you laugh for hours. L loved our dog Trixie but Trixie wouldn't have anything to do…

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Back when there were only 3 of us and I was more OCD about being sanitary and organized, I probably could have been classified as a pioneer wife/mother. Of course that is when I had time to garden, cook from scratch, make home remedies to cure my family's ailments and alphabetize the pantry.

Through the years time got away from me, coupons made the remedies much cheaper in the stores and well our lot of land isn't quite big enough for the garden I was use to. But here recently, since the boom in extreme couponing, I am no longer amused by the urge to race some stock piling nut to the grocery store in order to stay within my extreme couponing budget. Therefore I am resulting back to my "pioneer" days, all except for alphabetizing the pantry.

My first homemade project is; Laundry detergent!!

Now my first thought was to make it as I did 12 years ago but I realized 12 years ago I had a top load washer in which I could use powder detergents. So I turned to Pinterest in se…

Homemade Decoupage

I remember yesterday (years ago) I was a second grader studying dinosaurs and for the first time ever I had the opportunity to help build a replica of a huge 3 horn. Seriously it was HUGE. One of our PTO moms had this grand idea and knowledge of combining simple ingredients such as chicken wire, newspaper, grey spray paint, glue and water to build a dinosaur as big as I was.

Now because of that experience, along with the memories of my mom, my brother, and I making egg baskets for Easter out of balloons, yarn, glue and water, I was certain that the preschool teachers I was currently working with were wasting money on buying Mod Podge. But I couldn't prove it.

Until the birth of Pinterest ;-)

When Pinterest arrived recipes for this simple remedy started popping up all over the web, which was fantastic being that I was in the middle of a project and desperately needed it. However it made me feel like a fool.


Because I could remember the ingredients but I couldn't remember th…

30 Days of Thanks, Day 5

Today (and everyday) I am thankful for friendships, TRUE friendships. 

I often think more about friendships than the friends that are in the relationships, which in turn I am also guilty of taking friendships for granted....the friendships where the other friend truly accepts me for me and would not betray or dishonor the relationship we have created.

It is those friends that are also quick to forgive me because of the fact that they take ME FOR ME...who I really am because they know that is how I am and that I don't do it on purpose. 

These friends are honest with me even when they know it may hurt, these friends don't hurt me to break me they are honestly helping, making me stronger, pointing out the lessons I am suppose to learn, helping me become a better me.

These friends are Heaven sent and for that I am sending up a special prayer, thanking God for these friendships and asking him to highlight the ones I have missed, the ones I have taken for granted, because too often I as…

30 Days of Thanks, Day 4

Today (and everyday) I am Thankful for my hubs!

He was Def made for me, (because no other man could have survived)

 LOL but seriously He is my soulmate and the one who completes me!!

Our road has been rocky yet we have been blessed enough to give each stone a name and learn from it's fossil for our journey ahead.

I thank God for the man that he was, the man he is and the man that God has sculpted him to be! From the day we fell in love, the day we were wed, the first day he became a deddy not once but 3 times, for each time he held our children for the first time and every time there after, to the present day college student setting the example for his sons and striving to be their earthly hero, he has taken my breath away.

I am so blessed to be his wife and I carry the name MRS. MARK HARRINGTON proudly and with great honor!!

Thanks for Reading,

30 Days of Thanks...Catch up

I have been distracted lately by a number of things. I was a day late on my 30 Days of Thanks through Facebook and am 3 days late through this blog and my Twitter feed. But if you are surprised raise your hand.....

So in playing catch up here are the post that I posted on my personal Facebook profile for

Day 1;
Today (and everyday) I am Thankful for my salvation!! God gave me a chance to be reborn again, confessing the sins of the old me and then giving me the ability to build a legacy with the new me through Him, Christ Jesus!!

Day 2;
Today (and everyday) I am thankful for my family, by name and DNA, I would not be where I am today without them! It is amazing to me that the Lord was thinking of my hubs and I when he created our ancestors and that he was thinking of our offsprings when he created us. I am so Thankful that he chose who he did to be the roots of our Family tree and I Pray that we as the trunk remain just as strong!

Now this is the part where I am catching up ;0)

Day 3;
Today (…

30 Days of Thanks

Every year I LOVE joining in on the 30 Days of Thanks especially during November.....for obvious reasons ;-)

In hopes to clearly explain to those that are unfamiliar with the trend I Googled "days of thanks" to find a clear explanation and I found several leads. Most of which are from 30 Days of Thanks however there are several blogs that are joining the trend that I have enjoyed reading and I have linked those on down.

Ok here's how it works;
Consciously engage in (at least) one moment of thankfulness every day for the monthTRULY be thankfulIf you decide you want to share what you're thankful for, you might simply say it aloud, or you might choose to write it on paper, blog about it, share it with those you love over dinner, draw something, or even sing it. There's simply no wrong way to do this. Just make the way you do it your own--as unique and special as you are!Read what others are thankful for through their blog, Facebook profile or Twitter feed. Leave comm…