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Shaving Cream Fun and Another Pinterest Pitfall but Not Really

Never had I realized how much fun shaving cream could be until I started working with preschoolers. Paranoid about messes the first time around I was a nervous wreck trying to keep it out of their little faces and eyes, grabbing their arms so they wouldn't smear it on the walls. But then I was amazed at how easy it was to clean up and how much cleaner the room smelled. I was still a little uneasy about it, until I was trying to get my house ready for a birthday party.

The night before I had more than just the finishing touches to do. My hubs was working over time and my boys were driving me nuts...UGH! I was getting nothing done!! I didn't want the mess of beans and rice so I thought I would give the shaving cream thing a try......it became my new saving grace!

Now I don't usually show pics of my kiddos but I have to show you what I found. While I was cleaning the master bath I heard my boyz laughing historically so historically they were making me giggle. I just had to see what was so funny, I mean it was just shaving cream...right? No! Shaving cream is not just shaving cream with 3 boyz in the same room. As I came around the corner into the kitchen this is what I saw:
Needless to say I was laughing hysterically as well, they were having so much fun. Shortly after I added shaving cream to our craft closet ;-)

Over the summer as I was preparing for our Glow Party, I found a pin on Pinterest describing paints for the bath tub, now I have to say that I did do this for my nieces as the were growing up. My oldest niece learned to right her name that way<--good times Then I read a post that added neon food coloring to the shaving cream to make it glow in a glow bath. WOW what a great idea! I used this pin as one of my activities for our glow party, but sadly enough this is my Pinterest pitfall =0(

As you can see in the pics the shaving cream is NOT glowing AT ALL!! It wasn't a total disappointment as you can read in my Glow Party post we still made a go of it. However next time I will try using glow in the dark paint with shaving cream instead of food coloring, because I believe some-how in some-way shaving cream has got to glow ;-)

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