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OOOHHH Water Beads

This past summer my boyz and I discovered water beads. These by far are the best invention ever. Yet I don't think the inventor intended them for child play ;-)

Water beads are tiny little water soluble beads that are meant to hydrate flower arrangements. It is to be said that they are not for child's play yet the are non-toxic however they do present a choking hazard so adult supervision is required.

Water beads can be found in the floral department of your favorite superstore, though I have found that Amazon has the best deals! They are package in a plastic bag and are about the size of a....bugger? Sorry I couldn't find a comparison...Anyways when you add water and allow them to soak 2-4 hours even overnight  they expand to 100 times their size. They become soft and spongy and yes they bounce if dropped but be careful they also bust =0(

The best part is they can be reused up to 2 years, either by adding water after water or by drying them out....the will shrink back to their original size

My boyz had so much fun with them I had to share them with me preschool class and of course they were a BIG HIT!!

Check out this post on how to make them glow!

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