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How to Make Water Glow

I recently found a blogger on pinterest that "specializes" in sensory projects for her children. She home schools them and is excellent at creating fun hands on learning experiments. One that caught my eye became the key ingredient to our Glow Party.....Glow Water.

Yep, you can actually make water glow and you don't have to buy it from anywhere or have it shipped in from across the globe. All it takes is a trip to your favorite super market.

With 3 simple ingredients; black light, highlighter and water, your children can enjoy hours of fun in the dark. Here's how;

  1. Fill a large container with water. Just regular tap water will be fine

  2. Pop open a highlighter (yellow is the best) and pull out the spongy part that holds the highlighting ink

  3. Place the sponge into the container of water. You may want to cut the plastic that surrounds the sponge, it will help getting ALL the ink out ;-)

Let the water sit for a few hours, you can immediately see the ink oozing out of the sponge. When the sponge turns white your Glow Water is ready. We tried several colors for our Glow Party and here were our results for pink, orange, and blue;

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