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Glowing Lava Lamp

This was one of our projects for our famous Glow Party and the kiddos absolutely LOVED it. Though it only glows under a black light it still serves its purpose as a homemade lava lamp with out one.

To make it yourself:
  • You will need
      1. a clear empty bottle with a top
      2. one party oil (I use vegetable, it shines under the black light)
      3. one part glow water (play with how much you want...more water or more oil?)

  • Then add your one part glow water to your one part oil, glue the top shut, and WALA you have a homemade lava lamp!

In these picks I used yellow glow water and as you can see there is not a dramatic difference therefore I encourage you to use another color of glow water ;-)

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