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Glow in the Dark Gak

This is the coolest experiment that I have ever dealt with by far and even a favorite for my 12 year old. We all have played with homemade Gak before but never like this. Never in the dark! and Never has it glowed!

Until now!!

To make glow in the dark Gak:

  • You will need;
    • 1t Borax powder
    • 1 1/2C glow water (divided)
    • 4oz of clear Elmer's glue

  1. Add borax powder to 1C of Glow water and set aside
  2. Pour glue into a med mixing bowl and add 1/2C of Glow water
  3. Stir until smooth
  4. Add the borax mixture and watch solids start to form (this part is amazing!)
  5. Stir for a few more secs and then use your hands to gather the mass
  6. Knead it until it firms up and starts to dry (or if you are in a hurry kiddos can play with it in a zipped zip loc baggie)
  7. discard left over water
  8. you can store your new gak in an air tight container and it will keep indefinitely 

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