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Chaotic Organizing My Closet

When we built our house the plan was not to live in it more that 5 years. We built it for the 3 of us and at that time it was more than we needed, which is why God decided to fill every crevice ;-) It has now been over 6 years and we have added 2 more to our family, which now means Mama has to become VERY creative in her organizing.

I found a pin on Pinterest a while back but to be honest I don't get anything done that I have to buy supplies for but after cleaning trying to clean out my closet I discovered a way to be creative to get the same results as the pin.

Check it out:
I found these

took this

and these 

and made this

which turned this

into this

My hubs now has room to hang his ties

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OOOHHH Water Beads

This past summer my boyz and I discovered water beads. These by far are the best invention ever. Yet I don't think the inventor intended them for child play ;-)

Water beads are tiny little water soluble beads that are meant to hydrate flower arrangements. It is to be said that they are not for child's play yet the are non-toxic however they do present a choking hazard so adult supervision is required.

Water beads can be found in the floral department of your favorite superstore, though I have found that Amazon has the best deals! They are package in a plastic bag and are about the size of a....bugger? Sorry I couldn't find a comparison...Anyways when you add water and allow them to soak 2-4 hours even overnight  they expand to 100 times their size. They become soft and spongy and yes they bounce if dropped but be careful they also bust =0(

The best part is they can be reused up to 2 years, either by adding water after water or by drying them out....the will shrink back to the…

Let's Glow Party!!

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with a friend in an older age class during our summer adventure camp. Because I hadn't worked with this age group before I relied on Pinterest....A LOT! The greatest activity that we did was our glow party. It was so much fun, for all of us not just our students.
However being that this was our first party, it was a more learning experience than it was anything. So we took several notes for future references and to share with you the oops and ah's.
First off, the more the black light the better!! We had 3 black light strips but could have used more. We placed one at each center and they served their purposes well! Each center had a specific glow in the dark activity (click on the links for the recipes);
Glow Beads made with Glow Water. This was so much fun and we will def do it over and over again! We threw in some funnels and cups and the kids emptied and poured the entire time. Even though this seems like a younger age group acti…

Glow in the Dark Gak

This is the coolest experiment that I have ever dealt with by far and even a favorite for my 12 year old. We all have played with homemade Gak before but never like this. Never in the dark! and Never has it glowed!

Until now!!

To make glow in the dark Gak:

You will need;1t Borax powder1 1/2C glow water (divided)4oz of clear Elmer's glue

Add borax powder to 1C of Glow water and set asidePour glue into a med mixing bowl and add 1/2C of Glow waterStir until smoothAdd the borax mixture and watch solids start to form (this part is amazing!)Stir for a few more secs and then use your hands to gather the massKnead it until it firms up and starts to dry (or if you are in a hurry kiddos can play with it in a zipped zip loc baggie)discard left over wateryou can store your new gak in an air tight container and it will keep indefinitely 

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Glowing Lava Lamp

This was one of our projects for our famous Glow Party and the kiddos absolutely LOVED it. Though it only glows under a black light it still serves its purpose as a homemade lava lamp with out one.

To make it yourself:
You will needa clear empty bottle with a topone party oil (I use vegetable, it shines under the black light)one part glow water (play with how much you want...more water or more oil?)

Then add your one part glow water to your one part oil, glue the top shut, and WALA you have a homemade lava lamp!

In these picks I used yellow glow water and as you can see there is not a dramatic difference therefore I encourage you to use another color of glow water ;-)

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Glowing Science

Growing up I remember vinegar and baking soda being one of my all time favorite experiments. As I got older and had kids of my own vinegar and baking soda became my favorite cleaning ingredients. As my children got older it became a favorite pass time, especially at Easter.

Amazed with all the glowing activities out there, I cam up with the greatest idea EVER...........

Making vinegar glow!!

Using the Glow Water method I made vinegar glow!!

However it wasn't the greatest idea being it didn't glow as much as I thought it would but it was quite an interesting experiment...

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Shaving Cream Fun and Another Pinterest Pitfall but Not Really

Never had I realized how much fun shaving cream could be until I started working with preschoolers. Paranoid about messes the first time around I was a nervous wreck trying to keep it out of their little faces and eyes, grabbing their arms so they wouldn't smear it on the walls. But then I was amazed at how easy it was to clean up and how much cleaner the room smelled. I was still a little uneasy about it, until I was trying to get my house ready for a birthday party.

The night before I had more than just the finishing touches to do. My hubs was working over time and my boys were driving me nuts...UGH! I was getting nothing done!! I didn't want the mess of beans and rice so I thought I would give the shaving cream thing a became my new saving grace!

Now I don't usually show pics of my kiddos but I have to show you what I found. While I was cleaning the master bath I heard my boyz laughing historically so historically they were making me giggle. I just had to se…

Glowing Water Beads

Water Beads have been our favorite toy this past year and we believe they are the best things ever invented!!

For our glow party I thought I would try something fun and see if I could get them to glow. Now glow beads can be purchased at your favorite supermarket, most often found in the floral department. I grabbed a bag of clear ones and soaked them in glow water over night and I must say it was a great idea because they were definitely a BIG hit!

Thanx for Reading,

How to Make Water Glow

I recently found a blogger on pinterest that "specializes" in sensory projects for her children. She home schools them and is excellent at creating fun hands on learning experiments. One that caught my eye became the key ingredient to our Glow Party.....Glow Water.

Yep, you can actually make water glow and you don't have to buy it from anywhere or have it shipped in from across the globe. All it takes is a trip to your favorite super market.

With 3 simple ingredients; black light, highlighter and water, your children can enjoy hours of fun in the dark. Here's how;

Fill a large container with water. Just regular tap water will be fine

Pop open a highlighter (yellow is the best) and pull out the spongy part that holds the highlighting ink

Place the sponge into the container of water. You may want to cut the plastic that surrounds the sponge, it will help getting ALL the ink out ;-)

Let the water sit for a few hours, you can immediately see the ink oozing out of the sponge…

Old Crayons Made New Again

I saw this on Pinterest once and had to pin in on my "trying this" board.

All over our house we have cans of broken crayons. Must be the pack rat in me. they are still usable so there is no need to throw them out right!? 
Well my hubs disagrees, so I knew this would be right up his alley. Being that I can't seem to throw out old muffin tins pans either, I had a few of them laying around too ;-)
The boyz had a blast peeling off the paper, well the babies any way, my oldest was handing out rewards to the one that shoved the most crayons into one muffin cup. 
Of course there was a mess to clean up!
Once all the poor, warn out, and broken crayons were in their place, I tossed them into the oven at 350degrees until they were thoroughly melted.

The boyz LOVED watching them slowly melt away
I have to admit it was pretty cool
Once they were cooled I was able to pop them out onto the counter, however if you have trouble stick them in the freezer for a couple of mins first.

The B…