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Their First Baseball Game

We belong to a fabulous connect group at our church and are delighted when we get a chance to hang out with them outside our Sunday school room.

This outing was a first for us not just for the fellowship but because our boys had never been to a Baseball game.

Yes I know totally un-American!

But it was perfect timing. I grew up loving baseball and played fast pitch softball for several years. I was mortified when my son told me he was not interested in the sport what so ever. Needless to say we did a little dragging to get him here. However he loved it when it was over and has been begging to go back ever since.

Wonder if there is a future Braves player in my house???

Here is our night in pictures;

I can't forget to tell you about seeing Side Walk Profits in concert that night as well. They now have a new fan club ;-)

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