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Genius Organization

This summer I took a vow to make it the best and concentrate more on my children than the house, to listen to them instead of drama, to rely on their laughter instead of schedules and that is exactly what I did. 

Then I looked around and realized how bad I neglected my house. Yet instead of scrubbing it from floor to ceiling I took a day to utilize my clutter and create different organizing techniques.

This idea I loved so much I wanted to share it with you right away. 

My hubs gets irritated every night when I, politely, remind him to remove the pillows out of the shams before using them. 

This idea he loved as well ;-)

Rather than using my pillow shams for pillows I opted to use them as storage. Storage for those nice comfy blankets we just don't use in the summer. Like so;

For the record not I did NOT get this off Pinterest! and believe it or not there are time where I amaze even myself ;-)

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