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We All Cheat on Our Spouses

Yes you do and believe it or not I have too, just not in the way you are thinking but in the way of breaking rules.

Yes you do!! You break rule too!

Though you don't realize it, realistically we all had a list of "rules" when we got married. Your had your list and your spouse had theirs. Then when the time was right the two of you sat down and agreed on which  rules to be accounted for......right?

Yea us either.

Most of our "rules" were unspoken expectations and the only one rule we truly agreed on was monogamy. Since then I have broken just about every one of "my" rules that I hold my hubs accountable for.

Project Happily Ever After is one of my favorite marriage blogs and this post, 5 Ways We All Cheat on Our Spouses, convicted me.

Alisa Bowman writes;
 "By definition, cheating involves dishonesty, usually to gain an unfair advantage." 

Deception is the key and avoidance is the term, the term that used to help make the guilty party look innocent or just plain good. You may call it a "little white lie". What ever you call it you are cheating in the game of marriage.

Seriously when was the last time you;
  • You said yes to something when really No was the answer
  • You spilled out to your friends something your spouse confided in you
  • Called truce to an argument you are still stewing over
  • Bribed your children to cover for you even if it were for something as small as a broken dish
Now these examples may not be vow breakers but flip them around and stand in your spouse's shoes.......

How does it feel?

Ladies do you think these "little white lies" make your hubs feel wanted? accepted? loved? admired?

Through my journey of becoming a submissive wife I had to look at what is acceptable not for just him but for me, as well.

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Mathew 7:3

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