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Take a Glow Bath

Yes I have to admit this is my most favorite Pinterest find! As soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it.....after the germ freak inside of me did her investigation of course;-) 

Seems you can bust those 99cent highlighters into and take a bath in them..........Why would you want to do that? Well to make it glow..why else? 

No your body silly, your bath ;-)

All you need is 1 or 2 Yellow NON-TOXIC highlighter, a bath tub filled with water to your desired depth and a black light.

After filling your tub with water bust open those highlighters and wring those babies out!! In a more civil manner you can just pop the tops (not the lid side) and pull out the ink filled sponge, squeeze out the highlight into your bath and stir it around. Turn on your black light and WALAH your bath water now glows!

I did this with my kids and my hubs about had a conniption, until he heard our children oohhing and aaahhing ;-) 

Taking pictures of this sort of thing makes it look like we are dissecting aliens or something.....

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