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Redneck Waterbed

So I saw this project last year on a fellow blogger post ans I was dying to try it. However being that my hubs has tried his hardest to deplete his redneck reputation he forbid me to do this in our own back yard. So I decided to omit this project off out summer bucket list last year.

Like I said that was last year ;-)

This year it is all over Pinterest and even a few of my friends have tried it for themselves. Out of jealousy I omitted to tell my hubs of these plans and just went with it. Boy am I so glad I did!!

The kids loved it and well so did we ;-)

Want to make one for yourself?? Here's what you do;
  • Get a 10x20 plastic painters cloth from your favorite hardware store 
  • and a roll of duck tape. 
  • Roll out your painters cloth and fold it in half making a huge square. 
  • Then duck tape 3 sides.....I double duck taped it ;-)

  • Leave a big enough hole to slide your hose pipe through in order to fill it up with water

  • Turn on a wait....watch the wonders of your little ones eyes

  • This literally looks like a water bed once it is all filled up,

  • Patch up the hole where your hose was with duck tape and enjoy


This would also be a great cooling mat to layout on when trying to reach maximum tan ;-) but use sunscreen of course!!

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