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Lego's at the Library

Our summer bucket list consist of anything free and the best place to go for free play time other than the park is the library. Now I am one of the bad moms that doesn't push my child to read every day so my way of getting them to the library is to make it more fun......worth their while. 
On this day they were having Lego play, my boys LOVE Lego's, therefore this was an easy insensitive. However I wasn't very pleased with the lay out.

When we walked into the Library they had banners and signs set up direction you to the "Lego Room" which consist of 3 tables with a bucket full of Lego's on each. Literally a bucket full of Lego's not building directions and even some half created projects. Yes my children have wonderful imaginations but I am a little OCD and need specific directions to become satisfied, but I played along.
One of the librarians was able to find a book of directions to build specific vehicles which my middle man was ecstatic about but now our hopes turned to find the right pieces and pray that they were in our bucket. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, it did get us out of the house, into a new scene and even better my kids are starting to want to go to the Library ;-)

 I guess I set my standards too high? I just felt we could have gotten the same reaction at hope......What do you think?

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