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I Feel Ya Sister

SO....how are you doing in your challenge? I feel like I have let you down by not posting some encouraging words on a daily basis. My intentions were to use my Facebook page but I was afraid not all me readers would be able to see my status updates, because I am guilty of hiding a few of my favorite pages therefore I know some of you are too.

No Worries I still love you!!  (Only because I completely understand ;-) )

Anyways I am here now, not just to share some encouraging words but to share a humiliating story. A story that woke me up and allowed me to see my hubs in a whole new light.

You see my hubs is the hardest working man I know. When he comes to an obstacle he doesn't look for any short cuts, he takes each hurdle he comes to and jumps right over it with out breaking a sweat. A few years back he was galloping through one of these obstacles and though he wasn't breaking a sweat I WAS.

I was sick of him being gone so much, regardless if it was for work or school I was fed up with not seeing him.
I was fed up with our children asking "when is daddy coming home"
I was fed up with making him look like the good guy when I really thought he was being an @$$ for working so hard on HIS career.
I was even fed up with trying to make every second count when he was home.

I posted my frustration on Facebook. So many people who knew what we were going through, responded with "hang in there", "you'll make it through", "it's only for a short time" These simple comments were encouraging but only calmed me just a little bit. Then my hub's cousin commented with "I feel ya sister"


That was the name of the BIGGEST 2x4 that the Good Lord has ever hit me with. As soon as I read her comment my heart sank and I broke down crying like a baby. And I don't mean a short boo hoo I mean a pick me up off the floor and mop away my snot cry.

You see my hub's cousin had to bury her hubs the year before. She lost him to a tragic illness and now longer has the pleasure of seeing him walk through the door when he finally does come home. She can no longer hear his voice on the other end of the phone telling her good night and I love you. And oddly enough she is not able to enjoy chewing him out for putting his shoes by the couch and not in the closet where they belong.

That simple little gesture of her letting me know she knew where I was coming from made me realize all that I was complaining about was nothing compared to all that I had to be thankful for. 

I am now thankful that my hubs has the incentive to work on a higher education to better his career
I am now thankful that I am able to tell our children all that daddy is doing FOR US
I am now thankful that my hubs pushes for a career rather than the opposite
I now enjoy striving to make every second we are with him count because one day we may not have second

This incident not only made me look at my marriage different but it made me look at the world in a whole new light and allowed me to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. 

Seriously, think about this.................

What was your hubs attitude like when he came home tonight?? What would it have been like if he had never came home?? Now weigh your options..........

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