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My Little Pity Party

Tonight as I was driving home the top Christian countdown was on the radio and the host was playing clips of an interview with Mathew West. Just by the way he was saying what he was saying, I knew this was something I needed to hear. 

He talked about how he and some friends came up the lyrics of this song,

then the music played.....

And I hear these words.......
......'cause everyday it is sinking in and I have to say good bye all over again
I started to think about my Papaw, it's been 12 years this month and I still can't control myself when I think about him.....
I'm dreaming of the day When I'm finally there with you Save a place for me Save some grace for me

Oh I pray he is saving a place for me!!
And then I heard....
I have asked the questions why but I guess the answer's another time so instead I'll pray with every tear and be thankful for the time I had you here So you just save a place for me
I took a deep breath and started thinking about my dear friend. 
So m…

We All Cheat on Our Spouses

Yes you do and believe it or not I have too, just not in the way you are thinking but in the way of breaking rules.

Yes you do!! You break rule too!

Though you don't realize it, realistically we all had a list of "rules" when we got married. Your had your list and your spouse had theirs. Then when the time was right the two of you sat down and agreed on which  rules to be accounted for......right?

Yea us either.

Most of our "rules" were unspoken expectations and the only one rule we truly agreed on was monogamy. Since then I have broken just about every one of "my" rules that I hold my hubs accountable for.

Project Happily Ever After is one of my favorite marriage blogs and this post, 5 Ways We All Cheat on Our Spouses, convicted me.

Alisa Bowman writes;
"By definition, cheating involves dishonesty, usually to gain an unfair advantage."
Deception is the key and avoidance is the term, the term that used to help make the guilty party look innocen…

Lego's at the Library

Our summer bucket list consist of anything free and the best place to go for free play time other than the park is the library. Now I am one of the bad moms that doesn't push my child to read every day so my way of getting them to the library is to make it more fun......worth their while.  On this day they were having Lego play, my boys LOVE Lego's, therefore this was an easy insensitive. However I wasn't very pleased with the lay out.
When we walked into the Library they had banners and signs set up direction you to the "Lego Room" which consist of 3 tables with a bucket full of Lego's on each. Literally a bucket full of Lego's not building directions and even some half created projects. Yes my children have wonderful imaginations but I am a little OCD and need specific directions to become satisfied, but I played along. One of the librarians was able to find a book of directions to build specific vehicles which my middle man was ecstatic about but now ou…

Crafts with Home Depot

This weekend we went to Home Depot in search for some hardware for our new to us fan. Much to our surprise it was craft day for kids. With so much excitement our boys dashed to the craft table. 
I must say it was a nice surprise and a great way to slow down our day long enough to smell the roses.....sawdust ;-)
Here are a few pics from out adventure;

Take a Glow Bath

Yes I have to admit this is my most favorite Pinterest find! As soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it.....after the germ freak inside of me did her investigation of course;-) 
Seems you can bust those 99cent highlighters into and take a bath in them..........Why would you want to do that? Well to make it glow..why else? 
No your body silly, your bath ;-)
All you need is 1 or 2 Yellow NON-TOXIC highlighter, a bath tub filled with water to your desired depth and a black light.
After filling your tub with water bust open those highlighters and wring those babies out!! In a more civil manner you can just pop the tops (not the lid side) and pull out the ink filled sponge, squeeze out the highlight into your bath and stir it around. Turn on your black light and WALAH your bath water now glows!

I did this with my kids and my hubs about had a conniption, until he heard our children oohhing and aaahhing ;-) 
Taking pictures of this sort of thing makes it look like we are dissecting aliens…

I Feel Ya Sister are you doing in your challenge? I feel like I have let you down by not posting some encouraging words on a daily basis. My intentions were to use my Facebook page but I was afraid not all me readers would be able to see my status updates, because I am guilty of hiding a few of my favorite pages therefore I know some of you are too.

No Worries I still love you!!  (Only because I completely understand ;-) )

Anyways I am here now, not just to share some encouraging words but to share a humiliating story. A story that woke me up and allowed me to see my hubs in a whole new light.

You see my hubs is the hardest working man I know. When he comes to an obstacle he doesn't look for any short cuts, he takes each hurdle he comes to and jumps right over it with out breaking a sweat. A few years back he was galloping through one of these obstacles and though he wasn't breaking a sweat I WAS.

I was sick of him being gone so much, regardless if it was for work or school I was fed…

Redneck Waterbed

So I saw this project last year on a fellow blogger post ans I was dying to try it. However being that my hubs has tried his hardest to deplete his redneck reputation he forbid me to do this in our own back yard. So I decided to omit this project off out summer bucket list last year.
Like I said that was last year ;-)
This year it is all over Pinterest and even a few of my friends have tried it for themselves. Out of jealousy I omitted to tell my hubs of these plans and just went with it. Boy am I so glad I did!!
The kids loved it and well so did we ;-)
Want to make one for yourself?? Here's what you do; Get a 10x20 plastic painters cloth from your favorite hardware store and a roll of duck tape. Roll out your painters cloth and fold it in half making a huge square. Then duck tape 3 sides.....I double duck taped it ;-)

Leave a big enough hole to slide your hose pipe through in order to fill it up with water

Turn on a the wonders of your little ones eyes

This literally lo…