Oh Have I Got a Challenge for You.........

Over the past few weeks I have talked to several women that are completely frustrated with their hubs. To the point that they are at their wits end and instead of opening their hearts to unconditional love they are guarding what little compassion they have left. 

Now, I will admit that my hubs can be extremely difficult at times and even hard to love but I have learned though my journey of becoming a submissive wife, the higher I lift my hubs up the less irritating he becomes and the easier he is to love. I truly believe this is the best kept secret to the most happiest of marriages. It is also the hardest advise to take.

It took me a hard road to travel in order to discover this "secret", I ALWAYS struggled with the whole "submissive wife" sermon and even  walked out of a few. It wasn't until I heard our pastor preached on the subject that I truly understood my place.

YES I used the phrase "my place", meaning my place as a WIFE. Those of you that have known me most of my life are just picking yourselves up out of the floor. 

Go ahead get yourself together and come back....you don't want to miss the rest of this ;-)

Brother David put being a submissive wife in a completely new perspective for me, even called in some reinforcements (what I like to call "modern day" submissive wives) women who shared their roles as a wife including the challenges that they faced as either a newly wed or a golden age marriage. As they shared I began to realize submissive doesn't mean degrading, in fact some of its synonyms are; 

  • Humble
  • Accommodating
  • Patient
  • Yielding
All these things I can do without changing who I am. You can too and I am going to challenge you to do it!!

Please, don't remain defensive by the word submissive, I am not going to challenge you to rub his stinking feet when he walks through the door after a hard day at work, though I will not talk you out of it either, if that is what you want to do. This challenge is more to help you guide your hubs to the position that God created him to be in, as the head of the house and prayerfully the spiritual leader of his family. 

If the submissive part is still bothering you you read this post  The Submissive Wife..and the Loving Husband, Marty explains my view a little better than I can. Then check out this clip below, it is my FAVORITE! 

There is nothing non biblical or degrading about about any of these links.

So here it is: 

  I am challenging every wife reading this to lift your hubs up for 30days regardless how frustrated you are with him, regardless how difficult he may be and even if he has a trophy case full of "Husband of the Year" awards. Starting today lift your hubs up in praises and SHOW him love and encouragement throughout the day for the next 30days.

Let's ban together and hold each other accountable, encourage each other to keep our heads up and prepare the ice packs for those that have to bite their tongues harder than others because I assure you there will be a lot of tongue biting ;-)

Warning this challenge is harder than it seems and any discouragement or doubt can give the devil window of opportunity to shadow God's will. Therefore I encourage you not to take the challenge alone, invite your friends, sisters and or even mother.

See you back tomorrow for Day1!