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When I Say I am Behind I Am being Nice to Myself

How depressing is that?

This is just a little bit of a glimpse at what my depression did to my coupon stash. From starting over in my pantry to starting over in my clipping.

I sat down to clear out my expired coupons but I didn't realize that it would actually leave my binders empty.

My hubs, who is a wonderful man, takes as much pride in my couponing as I do, set out this morning to get me back on track by buying me 5 newspapers. Yes I usually buy 6 but at this point ...who is keeping count, right? 

So, I sat down with scissors in hand and started clipping....Well in theory I did. Seems that though my cabinets are looking a little better and I have a starting point on my coupons, my motivation is still lacking. 

I just can't seem to kick.......the.....Laziness??

WI mean what else would you call it?

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